You and Your Crock Pot

Although most versatile, the slow cooker is one of the least used cooking tool in the standard kitchen. Now, you can turn this dust collector into one of the most functional items in your kitchen with just a few crock pot cooking tips.

This is some of the best crock pot cooking tips obtainable out there.

Buying roasts and other big cuts of meat that will go into in your crock pot easily is important. If the cut wont fit it into the container, trimming the piece down works better than attempting to stuff it further. This is one of the most significant tips on using crock pots that people will learn to appreciate.

Prior to cooking, you ought to do away with the skin from the poultry and cut away any excess fat from other meats. This will help to decrease the total fat as well as the fatty taste from the dish.

Some of the best crock pot cooking tips involve using vegetables. Fresh root vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, and onions, should be placed in the bottom of the pot, under the meat, for more even cooking. These types of vegetables tend to cook more slowly than meat.

You can also use this trick. When thickening sauces near the end of cooking time, turn the heat setting to high to speed the process. You should always taste the liquid first to make sure that the liquid has had enough time to become flavorful. If it lacks the flavor that you want, allow it to simmer on low heat for a while longer.

Another important point to remember is seasoning in crock pot cooking. Periodically seasoning and tasting prior to taking away the dish is important. This is because crock pots, after sitting for some time, will tend to sometimes water down the flavors. Being resourceful with your seasonings is a good practice. Adding seasoned salt, garlic powder, seasoned pepper, and complementary herbs and spices is also an excellent way to complete the cooking.

Another tip is to remember that most colors have a propensity to become lighter in slow cooked foods. So adding certain garnish like chopped fresh parsley, chives, tomatoes, and red or green peppers toward the end of the cooking process can help enhance the color.

One of the best ways to learn to use your slow cooker more effectively is to buy a cookbook that has been written especially for this device. You can find these types of books either online or off line and they offer not only delicious recipes but more crock pot cooking tips that can help you use your slow cooker with ease. In today's busy world of working families, the slow cooker can really earn its keep once you know how to put it to work.

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