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As a hobby, cooking has exploded in popularity thanks to such networks as Food Network providing hours upon hours of cooking shows. Cooking is something found worldwide in every culture.

Careers based in the culinary arts are found in every city and town across the United States. The love of food has brought us together as something we all share in common.

What is an appropriate age to begin teaching children how to cook?

As soon as a child can learn simple commands, safety rules and understands how to grasp utensils, they can learn to cook. Experts agree that children should be no younger than nine when handling sharp utensils and should ALWAYS have adult supervision. Accidents can happen very quickly in the kitchen.

It has been proven time and time again that children learn through imitation. Buy your child a play cooking set. Let them "pretend" too cook their favorite dishes on using plastic play sets and a play stove. Before long they will develop a love that is similar to your own.

Are there certain ingredients that I should always keep on hand?

The standard staples of the kitchen vary according to what the chef cooks. The basic staples are; flour, sugar, salt, pepper, butter (or margarine), oil, eggs and milk.

The more experienced chef might keep a wider variety of spices and ingredients on hand at all times. If you are a beginner, buy what you need as you come across recipes. This will save you time and money.

What are some cooking classes I can take?

There are a wide variety of cooking classes available. Many communities offer cooking classes especially for beginners. There are also cake decorating, candy making and ethnic cooking classes available. If you do not know how to whip something together for dinner, chances are high that there is a cooking class that can teach it.

Where can I take cooking classes?

Great question! Many communities and universities that offer adult continuing education cooking classes for the novice or amateur chef and there are also classes hosted on the internet.

If you are considering a career as a chef, there are many world renowned culinary arts academies that can teach you everything you need to know. The only problem might be lack of experience and the high cost of tuition to one of these prestigious academies.

There are alternatives to the higher priced classes and that is a culinary arts course at a local community college.

What is the best type of cookbook to buy if I'm a beginner cook?

The best type of cookbook for a beginner is one that has a front section devoted entirely too explaining different cooking terms, measurement conversions and adequate substitutions.

The recipes should be simple to prepare but not boring. A great tip when buying a beginner's cookbook is to find one that has a sturdy cover, good binding such as the type found in a three-ring binder, and pages that are not easily stained. Betty Crocker has an excellent cookbook that works well for beginners.

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