Who Doesnt Love Easter Candy?

There are only two types of candy that matter in today's society

There are only two kinds of candy that people rave about these days and that is Halloween candy and Easter candy. Easter candy is one of the most popular and sought after types of candy in all the world and adults and children alike stock up each year on all of their favorites. I myself have a penchant for crè­¥ filled Easter eggs and chocolate marshmallow eggs. I admit it, I am not ashamed, they are delicious and they only come out once a year!

Everyone can appreciate the wonders of Easter candy, I mean seriously, it is candy and it is in fabulous Easter shapes. Who doesn?t love the way the chocolate bunny ears come off in their mouth, or the way that the marshmallow eggs go squish? It is heavenly I tell you!

In the year 2000 Americans spent a hefty little sum on Easter candy, can you guess how much all together? Well over 1 billion dollars, that is how much. Now do you believe me about how everyone loves Easter candy? Easter candy is fun and delicious and you don?t have to be a kid to like it, you don?t even have to be religious, it just tastes good and looks even cuter.

Jelly beans are one of the most popular of all Easter candy. These little bean shaped sugary goodies are something that everyone can appreciate. Jelly beans are cute and they are tasty and they come in a pretty rainbow of colors that will appeal to just about everyone in the world. Speaking of the world do you know that Americans eat so many jelly beans each Easter that they could circle the globe over three times? Not the people, the jelly beans! http://www.youreaster.com/jellybeans

Every year there is another new Easter egg or Easter chocolate on the market. All of these new types of Easter candy is changing the way that we eat at Easter time. Pretty soon, we will all dispense of Easter dinners altogether and just have Easter candy feasts to celebrate Easter. If you ask me that is the way to go. I would pay to go to an Easter candy festival, I really would and I bet I wouldn?t be alone!

Easter is a fun time of year that comes just as spring is finally in the air. There are many great and wonderful aspects to Easter and the Easter candy is just one of them.

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