Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf1 lb ground meat1 lb ground pork1/2 chopped onion1 lb bacon1 or 2 sliced sausages1 chopped pepper1 chopped red pepperchopped parsley1 tbsp chicken consommé powder2 tbsp ground toasted bread2 eggssalt, pepper, and english sauceServings: 6Preparation Time: 1 Hr. 0 Min.Cooking Time: 45 Min.INSTRUCTIONS FOR MEAT LOAFgrease a loaf tin and put the bacon (slices) on it, until the entire surface is covered (leave some aside to put on top of the cake). Pre-heat the oven at 350 ºf for 10 minutes. On a separate pan, fry the onions and the peppers in little oil; remove from the heat and let it cool. In a separate container, mix meat and pork and knead them; add the eggs, parsley, toasted bread, powder consommé, sausages, the fried onions and peppers, and some salt and pepper.

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