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Holiday appetizers are all about the different flavors that satisfy your taste buds. Whether it is Christmas evening or a huge party with your friends, a table with assorted appetizers along with a bowl of punch is indeed a great beginning. There are some specific appetizers are there for some occasions like; you can't have Labor Day party without chicken wings or Halloween without crawly cookies.

Let's look at some easy to make holiday appetizers for this holiday season. Mini quiches, are easy to make holiday appetizer. You can add any flavor from chopped olives to tiny shrimps. Filo onion rolls can be the other option where there can be a variation by making triangles instead of long roll. They have to be kept crisp and have to be baked them just before serving. Tapende, is a spread made with different type of chopped olive. Apple mint chutney, any kind of chutneys are great as spread for anything, you can make many different types of ingredients.

There are traditional holiday party appetizers like chips or sandwiches, which can also be a used as Holiday appetizers. Just with cheese balls, you can have many different appetizers like mini cheddar cheese balls, pineapple balls, salmon cheese balls, sausage cheese balls. You can have many different dip recipes like creamy shrimp dip, chili dip, artichoke cheese dip, crockpot spice chile cheese dip, avocado dip, lobster dip, clam sip, beef and bean dip and more such dip with anything you have with you at home. You can have many different salsa recipes.

If you don't want ordinary chips and dip then here are exclusive appetizers for your holiday party. Holiday goat cheese leaf, just make small loaf with goat cheese in plate, cover it with olives, sun dried tomatoes and peppers and spread some pita chips around goat's loaf. Or you can make Cranberry brie pizza, cranberry cream cheese roll ups or special holiday meatballs with various vegetables and meat. Then you can have spiced sausage lettuce wraps. Gingerbread caramel corn is also one very delicious recipe, in this flavor of gingerbread is combined with sweet and crunchy caramel corn.

If you want some show stopper appetizer for your holiday party, you can combine your cooking skills with creativity to produce creative holiday appetizers. You can make Christmas cheese trees with just combination of different cheese and some sauces like pesto sauce. You can make many different creative appetizers with combination of cheese like cheese pinecones or snowman cheese balls and many more. With olives you can make perky olive penguins. You can serve your smoked salmon with cucumber cups. Then you can have different tarts or you can create Santa with strawberries.

Holiday appetizers are usually very rich and heavy. If you want to have some low fat but tasty appetizers like; marmalade, apple butter on lo fat cracker with slices of gourmet cheese. Pears and low fat cheddar cheese is delicious but healthy option. If you chose lean varieties then ham and turkey are low fat meats. Different appetizers made up if Shrimps is also great low fat recipe option.

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