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Serving Quick easy appetizers is one of the simple ways to impress your guests. Sometimes guests drop in unexpectedly, and you need to prepare some quick and easy, delicious appetizers. If your refrigerator is well stocked then you can whip up something tasty and quickly.

Most quick and easy thing you can prepare is different chutneys like baked brie with curried chutney or apple mint chutney. If you have some cheese with you, then you can make fried Swiss cheese cubes, flaming cheese (Sanganki), zippy cheese straws, Italian Brie, Mozzarella in Carrozza, raisin-walnut-goat cheese wontons, parmesan puffs and many more such delicious cheese appetizers.

If you have chicken or meat then it you can make many different easy and quick appetizers like prosciutto roulades, salami crescents, chicken almond puffs, little chicken burger, chicken appetizer roll ups, Monteray chicken phyllo appetizers, chicken quesadillas. You can make different type canapés; they look very attractive and tasty too. Different canapés like cucumber canapés, Tuna cheese canapés or tomato & cheese canapés, in these canapés recipes you can make many different variation according to ingredients you have or your taste.

Nothing is better than quick and easy to make dip. You can have assorted dip like, melted pesto cheese dip, you just can't go wrong with melted cheese and pesto. If you like sour cream then sour cream pesto dip is the option for you. Hot artichoke dip or hot almond dip and Reuben dip are some hot simmering dip. These different dip are easy to make and they are very popular choice as appetizers. Apart from dip one more type appetizer which very common but tasty are different spreads; you can quickly make creamy cheese spread, you can make this many different type or cheese or you can make this with one plain cheese, choice is yours. If you like, seafood then you can try some crab spread, shrimp spread or lobster spread. If you don't like hot dip then go for cold dip and spreads.

If you have some time before serving food on table then try out some appetizers, which you need to refrigerate. Crab shells; Blue cheese, Port and walnut spread or Sun dries tomato cheesecake squares. Some cheese balls and some cheesecake recipes need to refrigeration before serving. You can even try some freeze now and bake later recipes like Mini pizzas, bacon and tomato cups or broccoli chicken roli or chicken flautes.

Easy appetizers to make are pickled treats. These are easy and quick recipes like marinated mushrooms, or just some marinated vegetable are easy appetizer you can prepare. You can even make sweet pickled eggs or Chinese Daikon radish pickles.

Recipes like Crab stuffed mushrooms, Oyster Rockefeller, pita chips or glazed nuts, are prepared and served hot.

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