Yorkshire Pudding  For Breakfast

Panini Sandwich Bar

Fill up your panini with any number of rare and imaginative fillings – dependable brie, ostentatious smoked duck, and the real melt in your mouth alpine salami and tomatoes with shredded basil and just a drizzle of olive oil. This place does the simple sandwich a real favour and pepps it up, just for you. Mmm!


Bang in the city centre is the Mecca for all things flatbread. Fill it, fold it, heat it, seal it, get it down your throat! You can charge up on all kinds of meal-based flat fillings like chilli con carne, curried chicken, or even just a simple lemon and sugar pancake. The point is that this place offers something unique and appetizing which you won’t forget in a hurry. Make the pilgrimage.

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How fat is your wallet? Don’t worry, it needn’t be bulging, but if the tummy’s rumbling and you don’t mind treating it to finer fodder at the cost of an extra quid or two, then this is your lunch date for today. The sandwiches are custom tweaked to suit your taste. The fillings work well together. The staff know what they’re doing, and know how to advise someone who can’t make their mind up because frankly there is too much yummy gear on offer. Spend a few extra pennies, you won’t be disappointed.

Salvo’s Salumeria

A salumeria is literally a ‘cured meat shop’. Italians love this kind of a sign on a street, because it tells them this is a delicatessen of the highest order. If they are Sicilian, as is the case of the owners of this wonderful café on the Otley Road, then they will know they are dealing with the pinnacle of fine foods, because Sicilian food is quite simply the best. Top off your fresh lasagna or pollo al linguine with caffe and biscotti, or if you’re feeling really dangerous (no horse’s heads) a glass of sweet Marsala.

Harvey Nichol’s Espresso Bar

WAG watchers’ heaven. Painful though it may be to advertise a place that belongs to a large chain, in this case there is no other option. Harvey Nicks is where the most beautiful vulgarity in all of Leeds is most commonly on display. So whether you’re drumming up bravery to go and ask someone who looks like Jermaine Beckford’s wife, or just fancy a delicious Danish and coffee while your heels and Gucci handbag take ten minutes off, you’ll enjoy a lovely gossip in stylish surroundings and service from the top drawer.

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