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Breakfast is by far the most important meal of my day. It is a very important meal at my place as I personally feel that it is one that sets the mood and decides my energy levels for the day.
For many of my dieting friends, the first thing on the list to skip is "breakfast". However, I believe if you skip this first meal of the day then you are going to have to skip a lot of things for the day. You are definitely not going to have the energy to sustain a tight schedule. Skipping breakfast is one rule that many on a diet follow. However, this ends up as the main reason for them not being able to achieve their target even after several days and months. It is just not good to skip breakfast.
By skipping breakfast you not only deprive your body of essential nutrition that gives you energy to go through the day's activities but also end up eating more junk food during the day. Missing a meal makes you feel hungry and the body craves for all the wrong things. For satisfying your cravings you would then end up eating more than you would have otherwise.
No breakfast day means a low blood sugar level of sugar to start with. You would just be lazing through the day rather than deal with the tasks head on. Your day is sure to be one of low productivity and complaints. Both energy and concentration levels are affected without the right food to pep start your day. Studies go to show that children who start off their day without breakfast perform very badly in school.
There are a whole lot of options in every cuisine for a delicious great start - a combination of both taste and health. Cereals and milk, toast with eggs (of your choice) and a glass of juice is surely one breakfast that takes care of all your nutritional needs and at the same time gives you the energy to go on face the world.
The same old breakfast recipes every day can however, be very boring. Innovating and experimenting with new recipes is the best way to ensure that your family looks forward to breakfast time. It's not only the adults but kids too like variety and so trying new recipes and ingredients is the key to beginning your day with a smile. Make food more attractive with good presentation and a change of taste that will keep then guessing about all the ingredients that have gone in.
To begin with the glass of juice can be replaced with a milkshake or a delicious smoothie. This way you do ensure the right intake in terms of nutritional value and the kids are happy with the taste. A healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day. Healthy cereals with a combination of dried fruits and served with a generous helping of fruits is a great idea. Substituting the regular milk with soy milk is definitely a very healthy option. Make the omelets more interesting with a variety of ingredients like tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms and even low fat sausages.
Experiment, trying different permutations and combinations is the key to cutting out the monotony and making your day more interesting and enjoyable.

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