Wedding Cake Design

Traditionally, wedding cake designs are tiered white, square or round, with butter cream frosting. At Patisserie Concerto your wedding cake design is a different story: you can design the cake of your dreams, in any combination of shape, style, flavour, colour and decoration. We believe that your wedding cake design should be unique and match your own personal style and taste, as well as the wedding décor and colour scheme.

Deciding on the shape and size is the first step in designing your wedding cake. Many shapes are available to enhance and give a unique look to your cake. You can go for square, round, hexagonal, heart shape or any other shape.

When designing your wedding cake, choosing the filling for the cake can be tricky, as you have to choose something that all your guests will like. We suggest that you have the top tier of the cake as something you and your partner like and the rest of the cake can be something that all the guests will like (our shops always have a large variety of cakes you can try before deciding). If there is any other filling you would like but we don't have ready, please ask and the chef will be more than happy to prepare it for you.

The final touches to your wedding cake design are decorating your wedding cake. Here, your choices are endless. You might like to take a particular element of the wedding décor and design the cake around that theme. We can decorate cakes with the look of embroidery, lace, appliqué or elegant drapes or swags. For instance, many brides will use the lace or other details from their wedding gown as a design for their wedding cake. Bring in a picture of your gown and our chef will be delighted to incorporate the lace or pearl beading detail into your wedding cake.

Your wedding cake design might incorporate fresh or confectionary flowers or satin ribbons that co-ordinate with the wedding colour scheme. If you like, your wedding cake design can be decorated to match your china patterns or a specific theme using a painted on technique where the chef paints designs on the cake for a truly exquisite look.

If choosing flowers for your wedding cake design, please keep in mind that some flowers are seasonal, so please discuss your flowers with us before finalising your choice.

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