Modifying Your Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Recipe

Just like the traditional New York cheesecake, the chocolate chip cheesecake recipe is ripe for modification. It basically involves just one modification to the traditional recipe: adding chocolate chips.
Once you've broken that "addition barrier," the dam can break.

Think about the first time you added applesauce to pancakes (or even the aforementioned chocolate chips). It was as if you'd been standing in front of a white canvas and suddenly gotten the courage to pick up a paint brush full of red paint and make a few bold strokes, marring the previously pristine surface but at the same time making it something infinitely more interesting. Suddenly, you had the refrigerator open, pondering.

How about pecan pancakes? They eat those down South, right? Maybe some savory pancakes! I could add some ham and cheese or maybe some jalapenos or habanero peppers! Do you remember the rush of creativity? Do you remember how you made pancakes for dinner on a weeknight just so you could test out eight or nine different flavors?

Well, you likely won't be making eight or nine chocolate chip cheesecakes on a weeknight, but once you start experimenting you might find yourself buying a spare spring form pan to allow for double batches.

If, by chance, you're stuck for ideas, head back to basics. What do you know that goes with chocolate? I seem to recall a certain oft-parodied commercial from years ago, wherein one person eating a chocolate bar slammed into another person eating peanut butter. (Did people always walk around eating peanut butter out of the jar?) The result of the collision was the confection now known as the Reese's Cup.

What else goes with chocolate? Mint chocolate chip is traditionally one of the more popular ice cream flavors. Snickers bars have chocolate and caramel matched together. Are you getting any ideas? You should be!

Now, go cook!

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