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Everyone loves receiving chocolate candy as a gift. But, you might be tired of just giving the same one-pound box or tin thing special occasions. A new and different approach which should bring spectacular results is giving chocolate works of art instead!

Paintings and Sculptures and Rooms - Oh My!

Imaging receiving a chocolate painting of yourself! Wouldn't that just be a devine treat. This is the kind of a gift that can be shared with a special someone and can be enjoyed by both the eyes and tongue. Chocolatiers like Prudence Emma Staite will create customized paintings of anyone. All you do is send them a picture and the image will be reproduced in chocolate. You can enjoy it by either eating or putting it on display. You might notice that these images resemble woodblock prints as opposed to photorealistic ones, but they are quite impressive.

Customized works are more expensive, but for those who want to spend less, you can order up a chocolate painting of your favorite celebrity such as Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley.

If you want to impress a crowd, you might even want to try one of the chocolate rooms! Giant sculpted pieces such as edible fireplaces are installed in a room of your choosing bring to life childhood fantasies of being able to eat the furniture.

Another unique group called Chocolate Deities produces chocolate sculptures of deities from various world religions. If you like Asian art and sculptures, Indian works, etc., you can get items such as a Hotei (a Japanese laughing Buddha) or Kuan Yin (the Chinese Goddess of Mercy) and the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesh, all sculpted in dark chocolate.

If Impressionism is Your Thing, consider giving a chocolate candy version of their Van Gogh, Monet or Picasso! If you visit sites such as, you can find reproductions of famous works such as Irises by Van Gogh, or Water Lilies by Monet. These iconic pieces are reproduced in miniature using food coloring and look just like the real thing. If you can resist eating them, you can display these works and preserve them just like other foodisart pieces.

Thru the use of food coloring and an inkjet-like printer, these artists can do just about anything. As you can see, chocolate candy isn't just limited to the boring old chocolate bar anymore! Have fun and treat yourself to a unique work of art or give one to your favorite chocoholic!

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