Everyone Loves Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you are like me, you remember how much you loved visiting grandma's house as a kid. You loved it because you got spoiled there. She let you play any game you wanted, you got to be silly and goofy, and you could even have candy before dinner. Grandma let you do all of the things that your mom said no to. But there is another reason kids love going to grandma's house to visit: her chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate cookies are loved by most people I know. And most of us discovered our love for them as small children in the comfort of grandma's kitchen. For some reason her cookies were always much better than mom's. Maybe it is because they were always hot and soft or because she probably let you eat as many as you wanted. Whatever the reason, one thing is sure. You loved, and maybe still do love, chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies are the perfect snack. You can eat them when they are warm and right out of the oven or you can save them for a few days and still enjoy them just as much. Some people even love to eat the dough of the chocolate chip cookies before they are baked. Not many other snacks can be eaten in so many fun ways. Perfect with a glass of milk, chocolate cookies can be enjoyed after school, just before bed, and during any season of the year. They are just as good when it is freezing cold outside as they are in the middle of summer.

Chocolate chip cookies are the most famous kind of cookies. Everyone has eaten one and most everyone loves them. You can find them in every grocery store and bakery you enter, and most every cook I know has a special recipe to make the perfect batch. Chocolate chip cookies are great because they are made with a few simple ingredients, most of which you have in the house all the time.

Making chocolate chip cookies is a perfect way to get children started working in a kitchen and learning to cook. All kids love to help mom with mixing and pouring the ingredients together, and there is nothing better to let kids experiment with than chocolate chip cookies. Kids can get involved and have a special job to do and they can see and taste the results of their hard work. Baking chocolate chip cookies is a great family building activity that can fill any Saturday afternoon with fun.

So the next time you remember how great grandma's chocolate chip cookies really were, get out your own secret recipe and get your whole family to make the special memory of making and baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

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