Gourmet Gift Ideas For Chocoholics

We all have a "friend" who is a chocoholic, but the truth is this friend is probably us! It's no wonder we all are obsessed with yummy chocolate, it can be so satisfying at just about any time. Even Willy Wonka could not deny his love for a tasty chocolate treat (heck, he even built a factory around the dessert!) This article provides creative gift ideas for the chocoholic in you, and your friends.

If you're tired of offering the same old box of chocolates to friends and family, indulge in some truly gourmet gifts for that are perfect for any chocolate lover. There are gifts that are edible and some that are not. But they all have one thing in common…chocolate!

Chocolates for Every Occasion

I have seen chocolates given as a gift for many different occasions, but the beauty of chocolate is that you don't need a special occasion for this gift. Valentine's Day is the clear cut favorite for giving chocolates, but depending on the person, chocolates for a birthday work wonderfully. If someone is really special and you want to honor them on their day of birth, consider a flourless chocolate cake or gourmet chocolate brownies. I have even seen chocolate gift boxes and baskets that have served as a perfect gift. Valentine's Day presents an opportunity for creative chocolate gifting.

A one-pound truffle box or a valentine chocolate tower is fun to give. If you want something more traditional, then a box of gourmet chocolate brownies or a heart shaped chocolate cheesecake is also worth considering.

Chocolate as wedding favors is very popular. A chocolate love box filled with truffles or rich Belgian chocolate makes a perfect bridal shower gift or wedding favor. Strawberries dipped in chocolate are a personal and creative wedding favor. Even apples dipped in chocolate made to look like the tuxedo and bridal gown are innovative wedding favors.

Other Chocolate Gifts

Giving a chocoholic a chocolate themed gift that is not edible may seem mean to some, but it really isn't - and a gift like this is something that only a chocoholic could appreciate! Handmade chocolate soaps, chocolate bath gift bags, chocolate silk spa gifts, chocolate and mint pedicure gift sets and chocolate bath and body products are innovative gifts to give to those who want to smell like chocolate all day without actually eating the chocolate and putting on weight.

A Cocoa java gift set, chocolate fantasy gift box, chocolate strawberry scented body and bath set, chocolate lip balm and a white chocolate set are some other non-edible chocolate gifts to give the chocoholic in your life.

But when all is said and done, most chocoholics appreciate gifts that they can eat. Your local bakery or at some great online gourmet shops, you'll find decadent, rich chocolate cakes, cookies, brownies and candies to keep the chocolate lover in your life happy year round!

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