Diabetes And Chocolate

I have been thinking about what to write next, and honestly nothing had came to mind until the word chocolate popped into my mind and sent my taste buds ranting for just a taste of it once more. Chocolate has became a bad thing for me since being diagnosed with Diabetes, however after hours of research and reading I think I have found the cure to my cravings. As some of you may know when fighting Diabetes, you have to watch what you eat and the carbohydrates in them. Chocolate is high in this department but there is hope for us.

First, try a dark chocolate, these have less fats, less carbohydrates and a richer flavor so less in this case is truly more. Another thing to consider is that when you eat a dark chocolate everyone says to eat it slowly, savor the flavor, and let is dissolve on its own in your mouth. Well if you do these things then you will be reaping all of the benefits with a few consequences. Darker chocolate takes longer for the body to turn into sugar and if you have it after a healthily meal then it takes even longer to absorb. Remember all Diabetes diets have free foods in them and though chocolate is not on the list eating after one of your free foods helps the body t adjust and leaves you feeling better.

There are different types of chocolate available with nuts, berries, and other flavors added. Nevertheless, remember plain dark chocolate is always better for you. Another type of chocolate available is diet chocolate, is this truly better for you? Nope they still turn into glucose and in my opinion; the sugar substitute changes the flavor and does not do a thing for the chocolate. In addition, the substitute chocolate has been known to cause stomach-cramping, diarrhea, and of course upset your stomach.

Another food for thought concerning chocolate is the same as any food or drink when either on a Diabetic Diet or just plain eating right, Food in Moderation is always best.

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