Making Chocolate the Aztec Way

While the Maya drank chocolate

hot, the Aztecs seem to have

preferred it cool; at least that

is what research has shown. One

of the conquerors of Hernan Cortes

wrote quite a bit about the

methods the Aztecs used for making

chocolate. His words were similar

to the words written below, but

are not exact.

The seeds, called almonds or cacao

are made into a powder by

grinding, added to this are other

types of seeds that are also

ground and put into a pot. After

the powders are put in, they add

water and mix it with a spoon.

Changing it from one pot to

another after it is well mixed;

this creates foam that is then

placed in another pot made for the

purpose of holding it.

When they are ready to drink it,

they mix it up, and then eat it

with a spoon, the mouth is held

open because of the thickness of

the foam, and it goes down a

little at a time. It is the

healthiest drink and the best

drink in the world, if you drink

it you can go an entire day

without eating anything else. He

added that it was better to drink

it in warm or hot weather because

it was cool.

Chocolate was also called

tlaquetzalli which meant "precious

thing", and was prepared as


The housewife grinds the cacao

beans, breaking, pulverizing and

crushing them, she selects them

and drenches them adding water

sparingly, by aeration, filtering

and aeration again, pouring it

from basin to basin over and over

again she causes it to form a

head, foam, removing the head

making it thicken, then dries it

and pours water in it. Adding

maize and water to it she made a

gruel drink the foam was fine

bubbles that tickled the nose, on

bad gruel the bubbles burst.

Mixing with other ground seeds

like corn, the Aztecs considered

this a very nutritious drink.

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