Chocolate Consumption: Healthy Or Hazardous

Too much chocolate, your mom will panic you with her roaring shouts. She will scold you as often whenever she gets the slightest idea that you just had a bite of chocolate. The reason you also know. Yes since childhood, chocolates are a big no for teeth and gums. The basic cause for tooth decay is excessive eating of chocolate. Again acnes are also caused by chocolate consumption. Therefore a pre-notion has been built that chocolates are yummy and sweet but good for nothing. Kids spoil their health due to chocolates.

Things need to be revised and your idea regarding chocolate consumption has to be changed.

Changing views on chocolate

There's great news for all those who are chocolate maniacs and also those who keep away from it. If you keep constantly eating chocolates, that's bad and if you don't eat them at all, make it mandatory as a part of your diet now. All allegations against chocolates have been proved otherwise by some recent researches held at Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the U.S. Naval Academy.

Researches have justified that acnes have nothing to do with chocolate consumption. And cavities in the teeth are not caused by chocolate sugar but eating a lot can cause health hazards. But this is with any type of food. Moreover you are not making chocolate your staple food. So where is the problem in taking a small bite daily?

Acclaimed antioxidants for great health

Chocolates contain phenolics that have a lot of beneficial role to play regarding your health. Phenolic compounds serve the body as antioxidants. The constant oxidation process in your body can be controlled by the intake of this compound and what can be better if the medium is chocolaty.

Not only as the regulator of the oxidation process but also chocolates have profoundly proved good for healthy hearts. Don't raise your eyebrows. This is a fact and a very well proved one. Heart disease and cholesterol deposition are also checked by phenolic compounds. Generally it is fat accumulation that blocks the heart. Chocolate also has cocoa butter which is actually in the saturated form. But the chemical phenolics disallow this fat to flow with the bloodstream by diluting it. Hence the bloodstream in the arteries is not clogged and the oxidation process is also lowered. Due to oxidation of low density lipoproteins arteries start losing its activating power and cholesterol deposition is enhanced. But phenolics prohibit this oxidation to occur.

Now your mom won't scold you for chocolates and ask mamma to also have. She will love it even more.

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