A Taste Of Belgian Chocolate

Eating Belgian Chocolate

Belgian chocolate, renowned since the 18th century, and held as gourmet in the chocolate world, is still made by hand in many places today, amid all the automated systems in use. It is a chocolate of honor, with great lure, elogance, and, well, the finest of ingredients. Belgian chocolate was taken by Jean Neuhaus and filled with creams, fruits, nuts, and other ingredients creating the tehn called praline. The original created almonds overlayed with caramel and sugar. Of course, it took on added appearances as other hands took hold on a popular treat.

The praline is quite delicate and in order to secure it in each box proper packaging methods had to be implemented. This method for packaging Belgian chocolate was called Ballotin. Aperfect gift for any occasion.

The Belgian chocolate manufactured by Guylian Chocolates are very popular. They come in very artistic and beautiful shapes like the Guylian seashells, chocolate seahorse twists, Guylian trufflina or Guylian solitaire. The dark chocolate solitaires and the Belgian pralines are also some of the popular varieties of Guylian Belgian chocolates.

There are exotic chocolates like the wedding chocolate flavors too. The Guylian chocolate seashells come in the shape of seashells or the Guylian Pearl of the Ocean in the shape of pearls and shells as well. Theses varieties of Belgian chocolate are available in small three-piece boxes, six-piece boxes or twelve-piece boxes. The Belgian chocolate bar could be dark chocolate or chocolate with orange or chocolate with strawberry.

The nutritional and energy qualities of the Belgian chocolate were appreciated in the early times and became a part of royal and aristocratic European culture. Today it is used by sport competitors since chocolate is an excellent energy booster. Chocolate mainly constitutes iron and magnesium and mixed with sugar or fruits have been considered to have high nutritional value.

In olden times, Chocolate, which is made from cocoa, was a favorite drink of the kings and nobles. Its dark color mixed with varieties of nuts and fruits, and later alcohol, gave the Belgian chocolate its tangy flavor. But there is another theory for chocolate as a medicine for anti-depression. Any type of chocolate contains something called pheryletylanine, which fights nervous depression. Belgian chocolate, especially the pralines, with the finest quality of ingrediants is a favorite of many. Health-conscious individuals will avoid the nuts, sugar and the alcohol in the chocolate desiring the pure milk chocolate instead.

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