Delectable and Mouth Watering Maple Fudge Recipes

Maple fudge is easy to make. You can use your favorite flavors. It is a delicious dessert to offer when friends are visiting.

There are also a lot of maple fudge recipes you can make such as the following:
•Maple walnut fudge
•Maple pecan fudge
•Maple cream fudge
•Maple divinity fudge
•And many more.

Maple Fudge Recipes:
Maple Fudge
•1 cup brown sugar
•1 1/3 cups eagle brand sweetened condensed milk
•1 tablespoon butter
•½ cup chopped nuts
•¼ teaspoon salt

•Combine all the ingredients in a medium pot or pan, except for the nuts. Boil or simmer the sugar slowly.
•Stir until it dissolves with the sugar.
•Continue cooking until it reaches the soft ball stage or a temperature of about 236o F.
•Allow to cool without mixing in 110o F.
•Beat until it becomes thick.
•Add the nuts and pour onto a buttered pie pan.
•Serve to visitors.

Maple Walnut Fudge
•6 cups sugar
•2 cups evaporated milk
•6 tablespoons butter or margarine
•1 table salt
•1 cup marshmallow
•1 ½ teaspoons maple flavoring
•1 ½ cups chopped walnuts

•Put some salt, butter, sugar and milk onto a large pot or pan. Mix the ingredients and then turn on the stove in medium high heat until the mixture comes to a boil.
•Mix or stir constantly.
•Cook until the mixture reaches the soft ball stage. This usually takes about five minutes.
•Remove from the stove and allow to cool for more than five minutes.
•Stir in maple and mix well.
•Add the marshmallow cream and nuts. Mix it well until the original gloss disappears.
•Lightly coat pans (12 x 7.5 or 12 x 9)with Pam spray and spread the mixture here.
•Wait until the maple walnut fudge is set, then cut and serve to your family or visitor as dessert.

Maple Cream Fudge
•2 cups white sugar
•1 cup maple syrup
•½ cup cream
•1 tablespoon butter
•¼ teaspoon salt
•½ teaspoon vanilla
•1 cup nut meats

•Put the maple syrup, cream and white sugar in a sauce pan or any type of pan.
•Boil it onto 2380 F, stirring occasionally to prevent scorching.
•Remove it from the heat and cool for about five minutes.
•Add the salt, vanilla and butter, and then beat it until it becomes creamy.
•Add the nuts, and then beat until the fudge can hold its shape.
•Put this in a greased pan and then cut into squares.
•Serve to guests.

Maple Divinity Fudge
•2 cups white sugar
•2 cups maple syrups
•2 egg whites
•1 cup raisin
•1 cup chopped walnuts

•Boil the maple syrup and white sugar until it threads.
•Pour over a stiffly beaten egg white.
•Add the raisins and copped walnuts
•Turn this onto a pie pan.
•Allow to cool and then cut in squares.

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