Heavenly Chocolate With A Heart

Many kinds of chocolate can be described as mouth-watering but only one kind could truly be described as "divine."

That chocolate may be divine because it does more than please those who eat it-it also helps the communities that farm the cocoa it's made from.

Such efforts are called "Fair Trade" because the trade is fair to the people who create the product and does not take advantage of them.

When people buy Divine Chocolate, they help improve the lives of cocoa growers in Kuapa Kokoo, a cocoa cooperative in Ghana, by enabling them to earn a higher income and invest in their communities. Thanks to the extra income they earn through Fair Trade, the farmers are able to do things such as build wells and fund schools and health clinics in their communities.

Trading fairly with the people who create products is an ethical way of doing business that is increasingly popular, and Fair Trade Certified™ products, such as coffee and tea, can now be found in many stores.

Divine Chocolate is the world's only brand of chocolate in which the farmers have a say about how the business is run: Farmers are co-owners and are involved in all business decisions "from bean to bar." The company is also partially co-owned by Lutheran World Relief (LWR).

By investing in the Divine Chocolate Corporation, LWR has partnered with the farmer-owned, socially responsible company to make a difference in the lives of small-scale cocoa farmers.

It enables consumers to make ethical choices about the chocolate they buy. It also announces to the world that there is a way for corporations to be both ethical and profitable.

LWR has been working with partners to respond to the needs of communities around the globe for more than 60 years, and continually evolves to seek lasting solutions to rural poverty.

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About The Author, Stacey Moore
Buying this delicious chocolate is an easy and important way to support Fair Trade and improve farmers' lives. Learn more at www.lwr.org/chocolate.One kind of chocolate can boost your mood more than others because it helps cocoa farmers improve their lives.