Tips For Making Chocolate Candy

If you have a little bit of a sweet tooth, what can be better than homemade chocolate candy?! Whether you just want something sweet that is made by your own hands, or whether you are making it to sell or for a party, it can be rewarding and an enjoyable experience. Making chocolate candy can be easy, especially if you use some of my top tips.

Make sure that everything you will use - the bowl and the spoon for example - is completely dry before you do anything with it. Oil and water will never mix together. Since chocolate is oil based, when you are melting and using your chocolate you need to have dry apparatus so that your chocolate doesn't split due to the mix of water and oil.

Then, you will find that it seems incredibly easy to melt chocolate, but sometimes this can be difficult. Perhaps the best method for this is the most traditional method, and this is to use a double bowl melting system. By putting a bowl of hot water beneath another which rests just above the water, you can put little pieces of chocolate - chocolate chips are best - and melt these above the water by slowly stirring it. Or, you can try to use the microwave, but be careful of this as the sugar can possibly crystallise and split.

What about flavouring your chocolate? The tip for that is to use the most pure forms of the flavouring that you can find. If you use vanilla extract or rose essence for example, make sure it has the least amount of water in it possible, or it will not mix well with the chocolate. When chocolate separates, the sugar makes it go into bits, this will have the taste, texture and appearance of your chocolate being definitely below what anyone would wish, and we would not want that.

When you are pouring your mixture into whatever mould you wish, do not do it too fast. Be slow, even and gentle. Depending on how you want your candy, you could lay out a flat tray lined with cling film and pour the chocolate onto this, then use either a thin thread, or some thin card to cut through it and keep it in its sections while it cools. Be sure that everything you use is completely flat, or you will end up with shapes imprinted into your chocolate candy.

The final tip is on fast cooling. If you have made a mould of your chocolate, then the best way to get that professional glossy sheen is to put the still warm chocolate straight into the freezer for cooling purposes. If you allow it to cool outside of the freezer first, then it will have a clouded foggy look, okay for eating at home, but not the best way to present it professionally or for a dinner party.

So those are the easy tips for making chocolate candy. Of course, there are some other little fancy things you can do. One great way to 'spice up' your chocolate candy is to add a little bit of an embellishment. For example, when it is dried, why not melt some white chocolate and add some decoration to it to give a contrasting flavour? With your homemade chocolate candy you can do whatever you want.

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