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Forbes Calamity Prevention Pte Ltd

Forbes Calamity Prevention (FCP) helps prepare, manage and rehearse business continuity plans (BCP's) for multi-national companies. We also provide training on emergency response, crisis management and BCP. We have satisfied clients all over the world - Russia, North America, Europe and Asia. FCP is a private limited company registered in Singapore. We have been in business since January 1996.

Products & Services
Business Continuity Planning, or BCP, means making advance preparations to continue your business activities after an interruption. BCP is sometimes called "disaster recovery planning" or "contingency planning." The BCP process should answer two questions, "What could go wrong?" (called a risk analysis), and "If something went wrong, how would it affect our business?" (called a business impact analysis). Your answers to those questions help determine your recovery strategies, which should be written down and tested every year.
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