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GAME STORE was set up as a specialist Games retailer to make the experience of Gaming assessible to everyone. With everyone from the average family to working adults, newbies and hard core gamers in mind, we're assessible to everyone in the most convenient of locations at Tampines Mall. Our strengths are in offering you reasonable prices, stellar customer service and great trade-in-prices. We pride ourselves on giving accurate and timely information to every customer.

Products & Services


Sony PSP Go
Sony PSP 3000->
Sony Playstation 3->
Nintendo DS Lite->
Nintendo Wii->
Xbox 360->
PC Games


We provide repair services for the following:

-PSP 1000 (FAT)
-PSP Slim (2000)
-Nintendo Wii
-Nintendo DS Lite
-Playstation 3
-Playstation 2

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