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Nestled in the charming grounds of the Ginger Garden, The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens is the flagship restaurant of Ginger Garden Dining. Here at The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens, diners can expect to be charmed by contemporary European cuisine with subtle accents of Asian flavours.

In 2001, the Halia was officially opened. The result is an unobtrusive dining room with full height glass windows, beckoning the greenery indoors, and allowing guests to dine in the Garden whilst still comfortably ensconced in cool surroundings. Decades-old majestic palm trees stand like sentries, guardian-witness to the earthy beauty that is the Singapore Botanic Gardens.


Halia restaurant offers a high tea spread in amidst cool green surroundings and away from the noise of the city centre.

The high tea spread includes smoked salmon rolled with avocado mousse, tauhu goreng salut telur, succulent roast beef with black pepper and mushroom s, fried kuih teow, cendol and ais kacang.

Operating hours:

4pm till 5pm daily @ $28++
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30 May 2013 09:41:07

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A DELECTABLE HI TEA Halia restaurant offers a high tea spread in amidst cool green surroundings and away from the noise of the city centre. The high tea spread includes smoked salmon rolled with avocado mousse, tauhu goreng salut telur, succulent roast beef with black pepper and mushroom s, fried kuih teow, cendol and ais kacang. Operating hours: 4pm till 5pm daily @ $28++
Birthday celebration with my lovely family here surrounding with green plant. Is a great experience.
This 100-seater restaurant offers a spacious dining environment decorated by planted foliage, a collection of wood-carved tables and an abundance of daylight that peeks through the restaurant’s French windows.The menu showcases contemporary European cuisine with Asian inspirations at affordable prices and two plate sizes - “small plates” and “big plates”.
If ginger tea with honey takes your fancy, pop in here for breakfast.
Weekend and Holiday Afternoon Tea (from 3-5pm): Price: 28++
This is a memorable dining experience for me because the unobtrusive dining behind the full height glass windows allows us to dine comfortably in the lush of the garden and yet be close to nature. The presentation of food was spectacular and when you sink your teeth in, the explosion of flavours just burst into your mouth. Enjoy a stroll nearby, after the sumptuous meal. A must-visit for families, couples and friends!
Halia is located within the Botanic Gardens & as a result the ambience is lovely, but the outdoor seating can get a bit hot &bug-infested We ordered the tuna tataki & bocconcini with cherry tomatoes he tuna was black-pepper crusted & served with a creamy diced avocado topping. It was pretty good,As for bocconcini with cherry tomatoes was perfectly seasoned with enough salt & a drizzle ofvinegar As for dessert we had the chocolate dipping pot with shaved espresso ice & brownie sticks for dipping. This was really potent, both in the chocolate & espresso departments. Overall i rate 8/10

I have returned to Halia for to celebrate special occassins like birthdays & anniversary and everytime it has nothing but a wonderful experience. Halia's setting is so cozy, beautiful and relaxed both in the day and night time. Whether you're having brunch on a Sunday afternoon or a romantic dinner on a weekday...Halia never fails to please you. Though its a bit pricey but food is great. Most of their items are a fusion of asian and western ingredients and they ahve a good wine selection too. I love it =)

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At this restaurant, you would surely love the nature surronding it. The place serve traditional english tea and smoked salmon and egg sandwich which will definitely be your liking.
Poached egg is always a favourite of mine but Halia’s rendition ($14++ for vegetarian option) left a sour taste in my mouth literally. The egg white was very sour, probably due to an overdose of vinegar in the water. Other than that glaringly obvious fault, I did enjoy the soft and thick brioche. Love it when it turned soggy after soaking up the runny yolk!

I stole more than a bite of the cinnamon french toast ($14++) with glazed strawberry and it was lovely in a very average manner. Soft and sweet, though the flavour of cinnamon was a tad weak.

Blue cheese mousse, maple-glazed roasted walnuts and wild mountain honey on multi-grain toast fingers, with young spinach and fresh fruit vincotto salad ($18++): overwhelmingly strong smell! Definitely an acquired taste.

For photos/reviews, feel free to drop by =)

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one of the most lively resturants in the island. it is surrounded by tall palm trees and the ginger flowers which speaks of the perfect ambience. be it halia by day or halia by night it is the best place one can be.
The previous visit to Halia restaurant was a blogger’s brunch outing. This time round, I came for lunch. Halia- means Ginger in Malay ( Teh Halia – Ginger tea) nestled in the Ginger Garden of The Singapore Botanical Gardens.

The Set lunch menu

The Menu changed recently and they changed 80% of the brunch, lunch & dinner menu. However, the favourites still remains in the new menu.
I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND to order food from the set lunch menu. If you going ala-carte, be prepared to spend. Individual dishes cost around $20-$30 for appetizers, $40 & above for mains and $10 & above for desserts. I felt that prices are set on the pricey side .
The set lunch, $28++ for 2 course and $32++ for 3 course is much worth it. A few of the dishes are selected from the ala-carte menu, offered during lunch time.

Mesclun salad, avocado, orange, radish, corn chips, cucumbers in tangy citrus dressing.

Light citrus dressing provides a refreshing salad. I was not a fan of avocado & they were generous with the avocado and served 2 large slices in the salad.

Focaccia sandwich with Tandoori spiced chicken fillet
A warm & crusty focaccia bun is served instead of bread slices. The chicken fillet is marinated with tandoori spices and grilled. I felt that the chicken fillet was rather dry and lacked in flavour. The cubes of mangoes and pickles laid on top of the chicken fillet was good though.

Cappuccino ” dunkin pit” without brownies
Even though I was already 80% full, I wouldn’t want to miss out the desserts ( ha… only $4++ difference). The Cappuccino ”dunkin pit” is supposedly to serve along with 2 chocolate brownies but since the brownies contain walnuts, I had ” dunkin pit” without the brownies .This is a sinful indulgence and best to be shared. This small glass of dessert contains layers of warm chocolate, cool vanilla cream & coffee iced shavings. The chef recommended me to eat it in 1 whole scoop ( from top to bottom) since I didn’t had any brownies to ”dip” with. I followed his recommendation and eat it in 1 whole spoonful and it was indeed rich and shiok! The chocolate was very rich and gooey and it’s like a chocolate milkshake . I felt jerlat after finishing the dessert but was worth every calorie.

Verdict: Recommended to come for lunch / brunch ( set lunch/ brunch menu ). The service was attentive but prices are on the higher side.

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