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Aptly named HANSANG, which means “one table filled with food prepared specially to welcome guests and family for festivities”, you will be pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of each Korean dish.

In 2007, we opened our first restaurant, HANSANG Korean Family Restaurant at Novena Square 2.
Three years later, our second outlet, HANSANG Izakaya & Charcoal BBQ opened its doors at Holland Village. In addition to being featured in magazines, such as i-weekly and Epicure, as well as Today newspaper and several food blogs, we had the immerse pleasure of hosting K-POP sensation - Wonder Girls' after concert party at out Roof top terrace in Holland Village.

With the success of opening 2 restaurants and the overwhelming responses from our customers.
In November 2012, the newest addition the the HANSANG group of Restaurants, HANSANG Korean Restaurant & Market, located at The Grandstand formerly known as Turf City, opened for business.
Occupying 12,500 square feet at The Grandstand, HANSANG is the biggest Korean restaurant in Singapore.Our spacious 200-seater houses a central kitchen, a Kimchi Factory, 10 VIP Rooms, and even a Korean Mini-market, LotteMart within the premises. With its large area, it is the perfect choice for hosing private events and celebrations that are unrivaled in Quality and Customisation. A definite eye-catcher is the giant screen in the middle of our restaurant screening popular Korean dramas and K-POP music videos throughout the day.

We have an extensive menu that offers up to 100 dishes, from Appetisers to Set meals to Premium Quality Charcoal BBQ sets.
Definitely, you can find something for everyone.


Samgye Tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup)
Uses Fresh Korean Ginseng hand picked and brought in monthly from Korea.

Yangnyum Galbi (Marinated Beef Shortribs)

Yolmu Bibimbab ( Mixed Rice with Barley and Summer Kimchi)
For a fresh and regular supply of Yolmu (a Korean summer vegetable), we brought in yolmu seeds from Korea and taught a local farmer how to grow them

Address (Head Office)
200, Turf Club Rd, #02-14, The Grandstand, Singapore 287994
Nice Korean BBQ at nice place. Went with my girlfriend when loafing around Holland V. The restaurant ambience is nice and spacious. The service is very satisfy, and price is reasonable as well. Ordered a buffet set, the meat and vegetable are so fresh. Do try them out, you won't regret.
Hansang Korean Restaurant offers an authentic and unique Korean dining experience! We opened our doors at Novena Square 2 over four years ago, where we serve ala-carte and Korean BB. Our second outlet, Hansang Korean Charcoal BBQ, opened its doors 2 years later at Holland Village. We serve BBQ buffet and also ala-carte Korean dishes.
best korea food. make me recall the sweet memories in korea.
yummilicious korean food. nom nom nom wagyu beef... the place was great too. not too smokey as the ventilation system there was pretty good.
If you are looking for a high class and authentic Korean food, this is the place.
You may get to watch Korean dramas on screen while enjoying your authentic hotpot buffet at Hansang Korean Restaurant at The Grandstand, Turf City.
Ideal location and great food! Good ventilation and you will still smell so fresh even after grilling. They are having their 3rd branch in turf city!
If you're craving for Korean food, I know exactly how you feel! And Hansang is the answer! Get your friends together and head on down. Gogi gui, kimchi, bibimbap... yum!
This is my 3th visit to Hansang Korean Family Restaurant @Novena Square 2. This round, i am bringing my hubby and his parents for lunch. The 1-hr set lunch promo has been going on quite a while. Food not too bad, prie wise quite reasonable. One more thing if we order within 12 - 1pm and we will also be able to enjoy Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) with side dishes, dessert and drinks for $15++.

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I have this strong love and respect for Korean food =)))

My favourite!!! Seafood Silken Toufu
The most delicious and yummy seafood soup I've ever tasted! It looks horribly red and spicy but it really isnt. The taste is so unique, naturally sweet and awfully flavourful.

A Hearty Chicken and Mushrooms HotPot for 2 is a must try!
I love the chicken! It is so well marinated it was absolutely tasty and yum yum. The most impressive experience about this hotpot is, it looks like a normal steamboat with all the vegetables and meat dumped in it and left to boil... I didn't think it would taste anything near nice. But I was proven so wrong!!! This is WAYYYYY better than your steamboat. I don't know how and why but well, you have to try it to believe it.

After you have finished the vegetables and meat in the hotpot, the leftover soup was used to cook a Special Porridge. Rice, Seaweed, Spring Onions and an Egg was mixed thoroughly. I was doubtful about this porridge because I personally hate the taste of Spring Onions...

I cleared the entire pot.... Unbelievably delicious!!!

The bill for 3 came up to about $80. I'm definitely going back again..
This time to try their Charcoal Grill =)

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