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HDFC Ltd Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC Ltd.) was established in 1977 with the primary objective of meeting a social need of encouraging home ownership by providing long-term finance to households. Over the last three decades, we have turned the concept of housing finance for the growing middle class in India into a world-class enterprise with excellent reputation for professionalism, integrity and impeccable service. Customer satisfaction is the hallmark of all our offerings.
Products & Services
  • Home Loans
  • Home Loans for Non-Resident Indians (NRI)
  • Existing Loan for Customers
  • Property Services
  • Deposits
HDFC is a unique example of a housing finance company which has demonstrated the viability of market-oriented housing finance in a developing country. It is viewed as an innovative institution and a market leader in the housing finance sector in India. The World Bank considers HDFC a model private sector housing finance company in developing countries and a provider of technical assistance for new and existing institutions, in India and abroad. HDFC's executives have undertaken consultancy assignments related to housing finance and urban development on behalf of multilateral agencies all over the world.
HDFC has also served as consultant to international agencies such as World Bank, United States' Agency for International Development (USAID), Asian Development Bank, United Nations' Center for Human Settlements, Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) and United Nations' Development Programme (UNDP). HDFC has also undertaken assignments for the United Nations' Capital Development Fund in Ethiopia, for the UNCHS in Nairobi, for USAID in Russia and Bulgaria, and projects of the World Bank in Indonesia and Ghana.
At the national level, HDFC executives have played a key role in formulating national housing policies and strategies. Recognising HDFC's expertise, the Government of India has invited HDFC's executives to join a number of committees and task forces related to housing finance, urban development and capital markets.

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