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About Us
House of Sundanese Food Here, at the House of Sundanese food, we have perfected this traditional style of cooking to bring you the BBQ fish, a taste sensation truly befitting the Gods. And the sweet-tempered Sundanese people developed a taste for the raw sweetness of naturally occuring foods that they satisfied with luscious salads grown on the luxuriant land.
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Products & Services
Sambal Terong
Savoury eggplant topped with a thick, mildly spiced sauce with a tinge of sweetness. Excellent with Ikan Goreng.
Sayur Lodeh
Mixed vegetables simmered in a LEMAK-thickened with creamy coconut milk-gravy.
Kangkong Cha
Mixed vegetables simmered in a LEMAK-thickened with creamy coconut milk-gravy
Mixed vegetables simmered in a LEMAK-thickened with creamy coconut milk-gravy.
Tauhu Telor
Sweetish, spicy, crunchy peanut sauce oozing out of one bouncy tauhu with egg.
Rendang Daging
Beef in thick gravy bursting with the fullness of ‘a thousand' Sundanese spices. RENDANG is a sensory feast exploding in harmony.
Daging Masak Akar Terate
Aromatic lotus strips cooked with beef rending in an interesting TWIST to this traditional dish.
Ayam Otah
Fragrant lemongrass leaf, spices ground to a paste and shredded chicken meat all wrapped in banana leaves grilled over charcoal.
Satay Ayam
Chicken meat basted with a sweet sauce, grilled over charcoal, served with peanut sauce.
Ayam Goreng Sunda
Ayam Pangang Sunda
Ayam Bumbu Rujak
Ikan Nila Goreng
Sundanese 'Dancing' fish tastes every bit as wonderful as it looks. This fish is expertly deep-fried, yet retaining the juiciness to the fish.
Sedap Ikan Bakar Sea Bass
Performed Sundanese style, the basting process itself is an art. It presents drying out, resulting in a juicy, succulent fish. Prepared with spices from all over the world, it leaves you with a deliciously sweet after taste. A feast of a fish!
Sambal Goreng Udang
Juicy tiger prawans carefully fried with Sundanese sambal-coarse ground chilli paste blended with a myriad of spices. A SIN NOT TO TRY!
Cumi-Cumi Bakar
Squid basted with a sweet sauce, slowly grilled over charcoal. For those with a local palate, sambal balachan is a must-have with this dish.
Udang Nanas
Young pineapple and prawns are cooked in a sauce of spices typical of traditional Straits Settlements. Mildly spicy with a tinge of natural sweetness.

Halal Catering

We provide halal catering for boardroom lunches, company functions, birthday parties, weddings and many more...

If The Beginning Is Good, The Ending Will Be Beautiful!
Contact: Mr. Phang: Tel: (65) 92702283 Fax: (65) 65343775

Catering Terms & Conditions:
We provide: warmers, buffet tables, batik table cloth, batik skirting, porcelain ware, serviettes, garbage bag and complete table setting.

Catering duration: 2 days
Upon Confirmation, a minimum of 2 days notice prior to the event for any change of the menu.

Payment: Cheque payable to Sundanese Food Pte Ltd upon delivery.
Transportation Fee: From $45.00 onwards, depending on the distance.

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