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About Us
Java Detour’s commitment to quality coffee products, excellent customer service, and convenience is unmatched in the coffee industry. Our beans are 100% organic sourced from the best known coffee growing regions in the world and hand roasted in micro-batches to ensure the best flavor in every cup of coffee we serve. Java Detour now offers Mrs. Fields cookies and new Mrs. Fields cookie frappes, along with organic teas, 100% fruit smoothies, fresh pastries, pastas, sandwiches and salads. Java Detour is now open in New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dublin, Kuwait City, and Singapore. Mon 8am-11pm; Tue-Thu & sun 8am-1am; Fri & Sat 24 hours
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This American franchise was cooked up by the free-thinking fellows of San Francisco, and with its recently opened outlet comes a combination of organic coffee and ornate decor. Using freshly roasted organic arabica coffee beans, their house-brew beans are sourced from Ethiopia, while their espresso and French roast beans are grown in Guatemala. The coffee’s soothing, non-acidic flavour goes oh-so well with a Mrs. Fields cookie - a complementary partnership that’s inspired six delicious concoctions, including the chewy chocolate-chip black and white mocha ($7.50). Also on the menu are refreshing organic teas, fruit smoothies, pastas, salads and pastries.

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java detour selects and hand roasts the world’s finest coffee beans to specific high standards. these standards create our unique premium coffee blends for the most discriminating java lovers. to ensure freshness, java detour only roasts to order and guarantees consistency and quality with every cup. orders are shipped every wednesday to ensure you receive the freshest whole bean coffees. our fully-lined coffee bags guarantee roasted-fresh flavor with every cup you brew. each order has a two pound minimum, which may be split between flavors. volume discounts are available for purchases over 2 pounds per blend.
Thank you for shopping at java detour, we truly appreciate your business.

Our Espresso is a northern Italian style, which is a slightly lighter roast than some and maintains the full, natural character of bean. It is lively with well rounded body and a smooth taste- and of course a rich, wonderfully sweet crema.
World Blend
Our World Blend is created using an award winning SHB (super hard bean) form the Tres Rios region of Costa Rica. It has a bold, bright flavor with a well rounded body and just the right amount of acidity. We mix this with a special Indonesian varietal that fills out the cup with a rich, excellent body. Unbeatable!
French Roast
This dark roast creates a deep, syrupy body with a smooth taste. This degree of roast brings the full natural oils to the surface of the bean creating a balance of the expected dark tones with a smoky sweet finish. Unique…

Our decaf is created using an excellent blend from all corners of the coffee growing world. Decaf drinkers will love the rich, rounded taste with all the flavor and aroma you expect from a top caffeinated coffee.
Organic Guatemalan
Our medium roast formulated to offer a rich and bold coffee without the usual bitterness. The overall result is a smooth, well-balanced coffee with a medium-bodied flavor and acidity.
Organic Ethiopian
Exotic and complex coffee has heavy body, gentle acidity and hints of vanilla, black pepper and blueberry, and lives up to Ethiopian coffee’s well-deserved reputation for excellence. Jamaican Me Crazy An island blend of Kailua, caramel and vanilla
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Java Detour serves yummy coffees and great place to just kick back and relax!
Their blueberry muffin is nice! Yummy for a morning breakfast.
Great service, cozy environment and delectable food!
good to chill out here after walking around while having an ice blended coffee. ^^
Blogger Grace Tan enjoying her coffee frappe with a beaming smile...:)
Nice place to enjoy your tea-time here with their varieties of home-made coffee and tea, highly recommended!
Lovely fresh varieties of coffees. Godd place for afternoon chit chat and relaxing.
Java Detour Singapore Their premium coffee offerings are all hand-roasted and flavorful. Try the chewy chocolate-chip black and white mocha @ $7.50. Relax & enjoy the nice afternoon while having some afternoon tea.
Relax & enjoy the nice afternoon while having some afternoon tea.
Their premium coffee offerings are all hand-roasted and flavorful. Try the chewy chocolate-chip black and white mocha @ $7.50.
It's really nice to be able enjoy a cup of coffee after a tiring day shopping at MBS.
The orange vanilla tea latte is a MUST Try at Java Detour :) I personally love it iced!