About Us
A Great Preschool by Dynamic Parents for our Inquistive Children.

What, Where, When, Who, Why and How? These are questions we all ask from an early age. We want to plant the seed of curiosity in our children's minds - they will ask the questions and they take charge in finding the answers. The process of fact finding and the answers will remain firmly entrenched in their little minds. This is how we want our children to learn!

Jolly Owl School House - A Jolly Good place to Play and Learn!

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Products & Services

Quality Preschool/Childcare for children from 18months to 6 Years old.

- Full/Half day classes available.
- Experienced Teachers.
- Semi Open concept classrooms - space for our children's imagination to roam free!
- Spacious Indoor Play ground (Rain, Shine or Haze - our children play!)
- Project approach with plenty of hands on learning.
- Bilingual teaching.

As parents, we would like our children to have a good start in their lives. A preschool that gives your children confidence, knowledge and skills to embark on their own odyssey in life - this is what we aim to do.