Giving Your Car a Spotless Shine.
We believe that every car deserves the best care, so count on us to give your car the utmost attention & finest shine!

About Us

Juzz Shine was started by a group of passionate car lovers who strongly believe what every car deserves the best care. We constantly strive to meet your automotive needs and ensure that your car is given the utmost attention. Our team of professional car groomers will thoroughly assess your car's condition and provide professional advice and recommendations that will be tailored specially for your car's needs.

Our range of popular services includes Paint Protection Spa, Meguiar's 2-Steps Grooming, Meguiar's 3-Steps Grooming, Diamondbrite as well as C Quartz Finest that will leave your car looking sparkling clean by removing dirt/ contaminants/ scratches and even protecting your car's paintwork! Have complete peace of mind and leave your car in the good hands of our committed team dedicated to providing quality service and complete customer satisfaction!



Price: $48

What we do:
  • Washing with shampoo
  • Claybar the car
  • Interior vacuum
  • Paint Protection Sealant application(Reload from CAR PRO)
  • Rims wash and tyre shine

Building image
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