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Killiney is THE oldest Kopitiam in the Region, established in 1919. Be charmed by the hustle and bustle of the seemingly never-ending activities. Coupled with the rich aroma of our freshly brewed coffee, and tantalizing fragrance of our warm kaya toast, this is “the Killiney Experience".

If you are looking for a quiet place to send an email or just yearning for a good cup of coffee, the Killiney-Kopitiam caters to you. The wide variety of drinks and a la carte menu caters to every age group.

My fav kopi and kaya toast for bfast:)
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31 Mar 2013 10:29:33
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My fav kopi and kaya toast for bfast:)
ensures that every kopitiam serves the same hot beverages and local food that it built its reputation upon :))
Love the kaya toast n half boiled eggs! My fav bfast!
For $3.50 per plate, the serving of the mee rebus is acceptable for a meal and I like the sauce that is poured over the yellow noodle. The noodles are boiled just right and are not too soggy. The mee rebus sauce which is important is not too sweet or salty and matches well with the green chili sprinkled over it. The green chili are sliced fresh and are not spicy unlike the red ones. A half-boiled egg also accompanies each serving is I liked the fried onion pieces that were sprinkled over the noodles. Overall a not too sweet or overly salty dish
Went to comcentre again to repair my iphone. Drop by here which is directly opposite Comcentre for lunch. I had their lontong again. Really madly in love with this muslim dish. The spiciness level is pretty mild if you don\'t add in those chilli paste. The cabbage inside is really fragrant and well cooked. The rice cubes are also very soft and fragrant. There\'s egg and beancurd skin as well. I like the taste of this entire dish. Will come back for more again in the near future.
Mee Siam has always been a favourite local dish. I enjoyed the sweet and sour sensation. I have recently discovered that the Killiney Kopitiam serves one of the better Mee Siam in town. The sauce has the right balance of sweet and sour taste. It served with a hard-boiled egg together with chive added and lime aside. The lime ehhanced the overall taste nicely. The portion is a bit too small so not very filling.
This place is directly opposite of Singtel comcentre. After heading there, we came to Killiney for lunch. I had a plate of mee rebus. Basically, it is just yellow noodles with an egg and tau pok all drenched in curry sauce. A simple malay dish with a taste of home cooked food. The sauce is pretty tasty with a hint of peanut smell and sweetness. Will come here again definitely!
Westerners love their bread and jam, we in Southeast Asia loves our toast and kaya. It is usually spread on toast and eaten as breakfast but enjoyed throughout the day. The best way to enjoy a toast is to dip it into the coffee or tea. A more modern way of appreciating kaya is to have it as a dip for french toast. A snack which I like to eat during my coffee/tea break. The toast is coated with the egg and slight fried to a crisp. Served at the side is the greenish kaya for dipping the french toast with.
After lunch at the Staff Canteen, i went to take away a cup of coffee from the Killiney Kopitiam. Their coffee is priced reasonably at $1.20and the service is always prompt and good. An elderly uncle is in charge of making coffee there. He is good in getting the taste of coffee right each time. The coffee always got a well-balanced taste of coffee powder to give it the aromatic smell and taste. The sweetness is always just right and not too bitter too.
Malay cuisines at Killiney Kopitiam. Love their Lontong. I didn\'t add chilli as i can\'t really take spicy stuffs. I love the gravy with a strong taste of coconut. It is made with a mixture of vegetables and i feel it is pretty healthy. There are cabbage, long beans, tofu, a hard boiled egg and pieces of rice cubes (Ketupat). The gravy really compliments well with the rice cubes.
Was suddenly craving for hor fan! so decided to go to kopitiam to eat! hee^^ was kinda disappointed as there is no hor fan! there is only this chicken ipoh hor fan. So i brought it. it\'s wasn\'t as bad as i thought it was~ but i still thing hor fan is nicer~ This ipoh hor fan has chicken meat on it and there is this chicken soup too! I love the soup best! as it is salty!! OMG!! i can\'t forget the taste of the soup till now!! The hor fan is kinda plain compared to normal hor fan as ipoh hor fan has this black soya sauce which helps to add flavours to the it but it\'s not that nice though....
I always grab the opportunity to have coffee, tea and kaya-butter toast at Killiney during lunch time,Killiney Kopitiam has well-brewed coffee and tea, not to mention traditional bread toast. The breads come with big generous giving for Kaya and Butter. It fulfills my desire with just one bite. What\'s more can I ask for? Also their bread is tender on the outside and crunchy on the outside. Next the eggs are not overcooked. It is runny and the egg yolk is not hard. When you eat it, it flows out slowly. Wow... with the warm and mixing with some pepper and soy sauce it just feels great. Spending: Approximately SGD 2
the toast here is not good at all. cold bread and the butter doesn\'t taste like butter. the kaya is alright. the service is terrible. would not usually eat here except for last resort. the eggs are cold too! very weird food here. not up to standard. so far of all the killineys, only the original one on killiney road is up to standard. everytime we\'ve been there, they\'ve calculated the wrong price for our food. the price always ends up higher than on the menu on the wall. their chee cheong fun tasted plastic and weird. very small untidy shop. coffee is alright. otherwise not recommended.
I always seize the opportunity to have coffee, tea and kaya-butter toast at Killiney Kopitiam which nearby my GF working place. As it happened, we were passing by this crowded place. It has well-brewed coffee and tea, not to mention traditional bread toast. The breads come with big generous giving for Kaya and Butter. It fulfills my desire with just one bite. What\'s more can I ask for? Also their bread is tender on the outside and crunchy on the outside.
the main branch on killiney rd had super nice chee cheong fun, so we thought the standard here will be the same.how wrong we were. it was quite terrible. first, the seating was very limited, very cramped and the place is messy, with someone shouting all the time. lots of people buy takeaways. the chee cheong fun was like microwave reheated and definitely not fresh. it was thick like some thick noodles used for stir frying. the sauce was cold and terrible as well. the service was really bad too. not recommended. i had to choke down this chee cheong fun and i did not enjoy it.
Start the day right with Soft Boiled Eggs, Kaya Toast and Kopi at this popular traditional kopitiam.
we went to marina square for breakfast and dine in at killney cafe , ordered mee siam , chicken curry , chocolate waffles , and half boiled eggs. the mee siam was not oily at all and the gravy is nice , the chicken curry the meat was tender and a bit spicy and dipped with bread it is so yummy as for the potatoes was soft . chocolate waffles was served with lot of chocolate syrup and the half boiled egg was prepared just right . they have wide variety of fodd range from mee rebus to rice and hot drinks and soft drinks even small snacks i will go there again to dine it
I simply love hokkien mee !! the first thought always comes up to mind when i step into a food court will be hokkien mee. i love the saltiness of it accompanied with the lime. i must have it with chilli because it just adds on to the tastiness ! they usually have a few prawns added to it, the smell of the dish is just marvelous !
It\'s a nice and healthy breakfast again..!! I like to eat toast with boiled egg. It make my day full of energy. I seldom put pepper on the egg,because i like the original taste of the egg. After eating the toast with the boiled egg. It is also nice to drink a thick and hot milo. Wao,it is so comfortable.
Though most people visit Killiney Kopitiam from coffee and kaya toast, I choose to try the main course instead. I ordered the Yue Kwang Hor Fun (Hor Fun with a half cooked egg) which is of average standard (taste ok but not wow). Nevertheless, I am quite pleased with the service rendered by the staff. Though this is just a kopitiam, the staff are quite polite and prompt in meeting our request. Spending: Approximately SGD 4.50(Lunch)
I went back to Killiney\'s for breakfast, and this time, I ordered their french toast with butter and kaya. It took quite a while to arrive, so it\'s not a suitable place if you\'re in a hurry. When the food finally came, the toast was warm and perfectly toasted, with the taste egg, which made the wait worthwhile. I spread the kaya and butter together onto the toast, and the combination on the french toast was really yummy, and appetising too. The kaya was not too sweet, and the butter was soft and fragrant, just the right temperature to spread onto the toast. I recommend this if you\'re not that hungry, as this french toast has only one slice. As this is one of their new additions to their revamped menu, I\'m sure many have not tried it out.
Killiney used to serve the normal toasts and drinks, but now, seeing the fierce competition, they have stepped up their game by adding a whole new range of western food to their menu, which is pretty surprising. Over here, you can have grilled chicken sandwich with fries for breakfast if you wish, or have french toast with maple syrup, and I have tried their cheese stuffed toast, and it is absolutely fantastic, wholesome, savoury and sweet at the same time. I definitely recommend all of you to try their breakfast/lunch, although their prices are on the high side, it\'s worth giving it a try. Awesome breakfast food
As there was not much crowd, we decided to have a cup of coffee at Killiney Kopitiam. I ordered the coffee with milk which costs $1.10, which I feel was expensive. The portion was small and I could finish it in few mouthfuls. The coffee was too sweet and it didn’t feel good on the taste buds.Spending: Approximately SGD 1.10(Tea)
I love spicy foods and i love mee siam especially. I was with friends to have lunch at Killiney Kopitiam. I tried their mee siam for the first time. The serving was very little but it was nice to eat. The sauce got a balance of sweet and sour. The bee hoon not too soft in the texture. The only pity is not very filling. I will need 2 bowls of mee siam to fill up my hungry stomach. It is a good eat.
We\'re here again for brunch! Love the chee cheong fun. The taste is just perfect. I haven\'t found any other place to have better chee cheong fun. The texture of the rice rolls is just right - perfectly thick and soft. The sauce and chilli and sesame seeds on top make the entire dish so moreish. I can\'t stop at one plate! It is so good! The pricing is also very reasonable. And the food is very fresh and made to order. The serving is also very generous! Pity about the lack of space and parking and the location beside the road is rather dusty.
Once again, we can\'t get enough of this place. The coffee tasted like it\'s brewed from a top coffee machine. It\'s not sour and not too strong, eventough it is very dark. Love everything on the menu. Especially their chee cheong fun. And their curry is to die for. The food is very authentic and old school here and the prices are very reasonable. We love coming here every week! The location is pretty bad since it is very small and it\'s hard to get a table. And it\'s next to the busy road...
Killiney Kopitiam has grown to become quite a franchise since the days when they were actually located at Killiney. Although Killiney is know for it\'s coffee and toast, they do sell local fare like curry chicken rice and mee siam. I order a ice lemon tea together with the curry chicken rice. The ice lemon tea was a bit strong and tasted somewhat bitter. The curry chicken tasted good but the portion was small.
Can\'t stay away from this place. Love every single thing on the menu. Except, the prata is the frozen and defrosted type and not really homemade or authentically made. The curry is fantastic. Generous potatoes and chicken and the gravy is superb. You can choose to have french bread instead of the prata. It\'s not too expensive for a curry and they quality is the best in Singapore! Highly recommended. Have not had any bad food here. Love their mee siam and especially their kaya toast which has the right amount of butter and the right flavour kaya in the coal-toasted bread! Reasonable pricing. Very hard to find seats here.
Finally my busy work weeks was over, I managed to take few days leave to exhale.I chose to go Taiwan for 5 days on my own this time.Though I have been Taipei twice already, I still wanted to see more Taiwan, my destinations this time were Taichung, Kaohsiung and Taipei.Due to my flights to and fro were at Taoyuan airport, therefore I have to stopover at Taipei.Anyway, my flight was quite early, as usual I rushed to airport with empty stomach.After all check-in procedure done, I could have a cup of coffee and toast for my breakfast.I chose Killiney most of the time because their reasonable prices matched with good taste. I have kaya toast and coffee si with less sugar.Coffee was smooth and not so sweet, I could request for stronger coffee if I wanted, I didn’t do so this time as I just wanted something light.Kaya toast was more or less the same, I requested not to put butter, they did so.I was happy with their breakfast all the times.
Best curry puff i find! It\'s not too spicy and this is even better than Old Chang Kee ones! I have to wait for around 10 minutes for the next batch as they are all sold. It taste fantastic even when it\'s piping hot or when it\'s already cold. The stuffings are really generous and the outside is really crispy. It is a must try item!!! Eventheir lontong are delicious!
Highly recommended! Mee siam like how it\'s supposed to be! Every single item on offer at this place is authentic and true to the original recipe. It just makes me so happy to be eating here. There\'s a whole egg and lots of tau pok in this mee siam. The spice is just right and the gravy and overall taste is perfect! and the prices are so reasonable! It\'s always super crowded and there is very very limited seating, so you have to get there early or wait forever. We like to go there every weekend if we can. It\'s just so old school, it\'s fast and efficient service, the people there are not arrogant at all! We just love this place! Great food, great service, average location. It would be better if the location wasn\'t next to the road! Their kaya toast is super addictive. Made to perfection with the most wonderful charcoal aroma. Mmmm... perfect balance of melty butter and excellent kaya! Love love love! Highly recommended!
Where do you go if you are in need of a good chill out spot in town? Killiney Kopitiam at Marina Square is not just a place for good coffee, toasts and soft-boiled eggs. It is also an ideal place for rest & relax and to enjoy a good lunch or dinner with your friends or your loved ones. We came for lunch on a rainy afternoon before proceeding to watch a movie. I decided to skip coffee but go for their homemade drinks. We opted for a barley and a lemon tea to go with our foods. Both were alright. We collected our drinks first and then our foods were served to our table by a really nice Auntie shortly. I love to eat Mee Siam and this was my first time trying the Mee Siam here. The gravy managed to strike a good balance between spiciness and sourness that matched my expectation perfectly and it would be better if it is of a bigger portion. My partner opted for the Curry Chicken with Rice. The serving was pretty generous with a piece of chicken wing and another big piece of chicken breast together with quite a few pieces of potatoes. The curry gravy was thick with an aromatic curry taste at the right level of spiciness and a distinct taste of coconut milk. It went really well with the fluffy white rice. The nice auntie approached our table when we were about to done with our foods. She asked whether to serve the desserts now. The waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce served first. The waffle was warm with a slight crispiness, it went perfectly well with the warm chocolate sauce and the cold vanilla ice cream. A perfect choice to complete a meal. The grass jelly with longan served next. Chunky pieces of grass jelly with Longan was a rather light and refreshing choice. The relaxing ambience at this Kopitiam made it a perfect place for a chill out at anytime of the day. Recommended.
I ate this by chance as I was servicing my phone and had the time to visit this stall selling curry puff. I ordered the Epok Epok (Malay word for Curry Puff). Personally I like the malay version because the crust is thin and crispy, so you can afford to eat a few and not fell to "jialat". Best when enjoy with sambal tumis. Add on a hot cup of teh tarik and its kok kok kali-pok!!~
First time trying their Killiney’s toast, that was not bad. From the freshly baked white bread toasted to perfection, the sweet and fragrant home-made kaya and the slightly melted butter, it was a combination of everything so simple and great. They also have local foodfare like Mee siam and Nasi Lemak. Taste-wise is pretty average.
Whenever time allows before my departure, I would have a cup of local coffee.Whether it is Killiney or Ya Kun, it doesn’t really matter as both tastes are good.Normally I would request to have a double shot, hence thicker coffee with same amount of milk.This outlet at T3 is self-service, place my order, settle my bill and enjoy!I am not a butter person, I would keep an eye on my toast for not putting any butter, it could be paranoid to some people though.This guy who prepared my food was patiently and smilingly to my request-no butter, but he put too much kaya as a compensation, I guess, it was too sweet to my taste.It is OK for me, I just took out some kaya, it did fine.Semi cooked egg, it isn’t my normal food, if they could serve hardboiled egg, it would delight me further with such an economical meal.
I have got the sudden urge to try out their stir-fried beef hor fun as it looks yummy! But my boy forgot to state "dry" when ordering. And so, we get the "wet" type of hor fun! Nevertheless, I didnt regret eating it! So tasty and chewy with loads of beef slices! The gravy isnt too thick too. The green and red peppers are soaked into the gravy and is tasty. Even i, not a red/green peppers lover, willing to try it after much persuasion from my boy and i like it! I saw a few people around my table ordering the "dry" kind and i figured it must be good too. Will definitely get back to try their "dry" type!Spending: Approximately SGD 8(Lunch)
Love the mee siam here! Very tasty, not overly salty and just so well-balanced in flavour. Love the generous bean sprouts and bean curd. Love the gravy! And the whole egg. In the menu it shows they sliced the egg but they didn\'t. Oh well. The egg yolk would have absorbed the gravy and tasted better. The serving is just right and the taste is great! One of the best mee siam in Singapore! Service is polite but no frills. Recommended for mee siam and coffee.
Love the coffee and toast at Killiney\'s. Always so authentic and tasty. Some days it\'s made better but most days it\'s alright. Love the charcoal taste and the perfect kaya. Real butter instead of margarine is used as well, which is great! Really hate margarine in my kaya toasts. Their kaya is so fragrant, just sweet enough and just wonderful. Luckily you can buy the whole jar. The toast is alright but the french toast is the best! Bread is very fresh and done just right. The eggs are very fresh too. And perfectly cooked to a soft boiled consistency. The coffee is just nice too. Not burnt, but rancid. Recommended!
Love the chicken curry here! It has to be the best chicken curry in Singapore! They are so generous with the chicken pieces and the potatoes and the gravy! We were so surprised! At Old Town White Coffee, they were so stingy with the chicken, there was only 1 or 2 pieces. Here at Killiney, the whole bowl had about 6 pieces! It was great! The yellow curry was superb. cannot fault it. Not overly salty, no MSG, just perfect. Not too chilli hot either. The prata wasn\'t handmade- it\'s out of a packet and heated on the grill. It didn\'t taste bad but it wasn\'t "real" prata. Recommended for the yellow curry!
Love the breakfast set at Killiney Kopitiam. This one and the one at Killiney Road. The toast is toasted over charcoal and very authentic and very very moreish and addictive because it\'s so good! They use real butter and the kaya is great! Hate margarine. The coffee is regular. Nothingto brag about. Tastes freshly made. The eggs are hot and burn your fingers when you try to crack them. But they are perfectly made - soft boiled perfection. Recommended for the breakfast set. Especially charcoal toasted toasts. I just want to have plate after plate of their toasts!
The Kaya toast is 2 slices of toasted bread sandwich with Kaya and butter. The kaya is not too sweet and has egg taste. The toasted bread has a slight crisp, I also prefer the crispier version where they traditionally further slice the bread. Other toast you can order is French Toast. It also sells local favourites such as Curry Chicken, Mee Siam, and Mee Rebus etc. Spending: Approximately SGD 1.90(Tea)
I always go to Changi Airport for lunch during weekends. And, after a nice lunch, i always have my coffee at Killiney Kopitiam, the coffee at $1.20 is cheaper than other coffee outlet here. I have always enjoy the coffee here, love the aromatic fragrance of the freshly brewed coffee with the distinct coffee taste, the sweetness level is just right and so is the milk. The coffee here is really good just like how it was prepared traditionally during those good old days. A nice place to take a break when you are at the Changi Airport. Highly recommended.Spending: Approximately SGD 1.20
It was 5.30 am when i ordered this cup of coffee after checked in and waiting for my flight to Hong Kong. It was too early to have any breakfast then so this cup of coffee was good enough to wake me up. The aromatic fragrance of this cup of coffee definitely did a good job in waking me up. It was a special order of a super thick coffee. I enjoyed the distinct coffee taste and the slight bitterness with the right amount of sugar and milk level. It was indeed a wonderful cup of hainanese style coffee. If you want a light breakfast then this outlet is serving nice kaya toast with soft boiled eggs. But if you prefer something heavier then you can choose from nasi lemak, mee siam or laksa.
Bought these with the intention of a quick bite in the car.I find the toast rather average only, while the outlook of the toast is appealing with the visible charred lines from the toast packed in a nicely printed paper bag, I preferred more crisp to my toast.Kaya and butter fillings could have been more to my liking.The other dishes that I have tried which are nice are the mee rebus and the carrot cake.Spending: Approximately SGD 1.80
We come here for breafast almost weekly. The eggs are standard soft-boiled like at all other kopitiams. You have to crack them yourself. We\'ve burned our finger smany times cracking the eggs! Sometimes the eggs here are not very fresh so they don\'t taste that good. The toasts are standard white bread with a piece of butter and some kaya in each quarter. Sometimes the bread is not cut properly or toasted properly. The coffee is quite fragrant and thick. Again, the quality is not consistent. The tea here is teabag in hot water only, which is nothing special at all! The french toast came cold and not tasty, with some butter and kaya. It was abit too soft as well. This branch is very inconsistent in quality of food and the service/boss is some shouting ganagster-wannabe. The shop is super cramped and very small. The one at Killiney Rd is still the best branch! This shops is popular for the convenient location and it\'s pretty cosy.
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