ABS plastic locker for a dressing room complete with benches. ABS Mailbox Lockers 3S Keyless Lock 3S Metal Coin Locker 3S ABS Locker Locker & Lock Pte Ltd (Vertex) 3S PVC Locker Coin lockers for water theme park PVC plastic locker - 2Tier Trolley metal locker
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Locker & Lock

Established since 1990 as Vision Marketing Agencies Pte Ltd, the Company’s name was changed to Locker & Lock Pte Ltd in 2004 to better serve our Customers as it reflects our Company’s establishment as a distinctive entity specializing in Lockers Service System and Concept.

Being a Manufacturer and Distributor for a comprehensive range of Locker Storage System, Locker & Lock Pte Ltd is fully committed to the Customers through ongoing product development in providing an expansive range of Locker Storage System and Locking Mechanism available in a variety of sizes, colours and style combinations to suit the Customer precise needs. Our Locker Storage System are widely used in educational facilities, sports facilities, commercial and industrial locations. Offering everything you need for the Locker Storage System you want.
Products & Services
  • 3S ABS Plastic Locker
  • 3S PVC Locker
  • 3S Coin Locker
  • Electronic Locker
  • Metal Locker
  • Keyless Lock
  • Digital Lock
  • Combination Padlock
  • Coin Return Lock
  • Locker Rental
Supplier for locker for all corporate or consumer usage. They do have new designs of lockers available. Sent your quotations in today..
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30 Jul 2012 11:12:38
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