Our legendary PERi-PERi chicken is pretty special too – flame-grilled to order to suit your taste.
Nando's Grilled Chicken Chicken with Peri Chips and Potato Salad Nandos Peri Peri Chicken Chicken with PERI Chips and Char Grilled Veg Peri-Peri flame-grilled chicken Mediterranean Salad with Grilled Chicken Half Chicken and Chips Nando's (Bugis Junction) Chicken
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Mozambican-Portuguese Flame Grilling Peri-Peri Chicken
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We get our chickens locally and make sure they are delivered fresh & never frozen. We then marinate them for 24-hours, in a marinade that contains no preservatives, colourants or artificial flavours. Not one drop!

Nando's is a global flame-grilling, PERi-PERi chicken restaurant group.

Minha casa é sua casa - our home is your home - where you’ll always enjoy a warm welcome. All Nando’s restaurants share the same friendly personality but each has its own unique style.

Our legendary PERi-PERi chicken is pretty special too - flame-grilled to order to suit your taste.

Butterfly Chicken Breast

Chicken with mild Sauce
Grilled Chicken

Half Chicken and Chips

Mediterranean Salad with Grilled Chicken

I just love Nando's. The whole feel of the place, the vibes and the food. Amazing. Their sauces are to die for. I was a little disappointed with the quantity this time but still, I'll keep going back to Nando's. They have the most tender and delicious chicken.
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I just love Nando's. The whole feel of the place, the vibes and the food. Amazing. Their sauces are to die for. I was a little disappointed with the quantity this time but still, I'll keep going back to Nando's. They have the most tender and delicious chicken.
Heavy dinner. I enjoyed the chicken, its tender and tasty. Crews are nice too.
The chicken was really well marinated and we all enjoyed the flame-grilled chicken. The sauce and the chicken were quite addictive!
Yummy peri peri chicken! I lovd the spiciest one as it has a real kick to it. Try it for urself! Good portions, quick service and good food!
Back for my favorite peri peri chicken. I got so excited to eat that I ate even before taking a photo. hehehe. Dirnks are unlimited too!
If you're feeling adventurous, try their highest level of spicyness!
Try Nando's deserts it's simply the best! =) located at Bugis
Peri-Peri chicken with 2 side dish. If you really want spicy try extra hot peri-peri sauce. Very spicy!!!
Craving for good peri peri chicken? Go to nando's. Good ambiance. Good service. Good food.
had dinner last night at Nando's tampines branch! hot peri peri grilled chicken is a must try!!!
Nando's Chicken famous with their grilled chicken and the special chili sauces. The chili sauces is able to divide by the spicy category.
Nando's chicken is flame-grilled and basted in choice of sauces which contain no preservatives, colourants or added MSG.
Order the peri peri chicken meal at Nando's with bottomless coke and get the limitted edition boxer shorts from keith png at $15! :)
Amazing charcoal grilled chicken with unique and tasty spices! Mashed potatoes were awesome...homemade and wonderful! Friendly for all taste palates!=)
Amazing charcoal grilled chicken with unique and tasty spices! Mashed potatoes were awesome...homemade and wonderful! Friendly for all taste palates! =)
Here at Nando\'s, they will serve their side dishes on their individual serving bowls instead of placing it on the main courses\' plates during the serving to our table.The coleslaw was freshn and crunchy and with the right amount of mayonnise sauce and vinegar added to it.The rice may not be eveyone liking especially they have added some spicies in it which taste abit funny and unusual.THe french fries are crispy and not too oily as well.
Came to try nando\'s yesterday for my dinner and we arrived slightly before 7pm so we didn\'t have to queue at all. Managed to get the table at the side which was great because it is quieter too. Didn\'t know what to order actually until my friend suggest we take the student\'s meal which includes the quarter chicken and two sides together with a drink. I chose mild for the spicyness of the chicken as i cannot really take food that is too spicy but even though it is mild, it was already kind of spicy! The two sides that i chose was the peri potato salad and the spicy rice. The spicy rice wasn\'t even spicy at all and it tastes rather nice too. The potato salad was also not too bad. Overall i would say it was a pleasant meal at nando\'s. Would definitely come back here again next time. The student meal costs $13.90.
This afternoon, we went to Plaza Sing for brunch and decided upon Nando\'s as the place wasn\'t crowded yet We placed our order and the drinks came shortly along with a glass of complimentary ice water - what a surprise! I still remember the days when a celebrity visited Nando\'s and had an unpleasant experience about obtaining some warm water, I applaud Nando\'s for this change We waited around 15-20 minutes and our food still hadn\'t arrived and the couple next to us got theirs first though they came in after us. 3-5 minutes after our neighbor got their food, one of the servers car over with a bowl of mushroom soup and bread for us, explaining that one of the dishes was still roasting so they offered us the bowl of soup as a complimentary starter, I was definitely impressed by the service The good food finally came about 10minutes later They also have a new side order menu, i tried the peri green peas and it was tasty, sadly the sweet potato side order was not available;( Am definite coming again to try that
Whenever I walk past the Nando’s restaurant, I always have an urge to go in. This time I did and I am glad I did! After poring through the menu, I finally decided to take the classic chicken but I was not so brave to take more spicy stuff, I chose mild chilli. We get to choose 2 sides too. The dish arrived after 15 minutes and it looks gorgeous! Yummily delicious! I saw the label… “Not so brave”… haha! It was cute! It varies according to level of spiciness. The meat of the chicken was tender and was roasted very well. I love the taste and the spice level. It was just nice for me. I chose fries and garden veges as my side dishes. The fries were sprinkled with chilli powder and were awesome to my taste buds. Overall I love the dishes here. Though service could be a little quicker. The Bugis outlet seems to be understaffed. I love the ambience as well. It was casual and good for chilling out with a couple of friends. It was not noisy despite the crowd. My friends ordered some other dishes and they turned out to be awesome too. Apparently this restaurant has quite a reputation overseas. I have heard of it long ago and am very glad they decided to set up outlets here in Singapore. I will visit more often. Hopefully they will increase their menu offerings too. I have yet to visit other outlets. Since then, I have visited the Bugis outlet twice and had the same dish twice. The experiences were awesome and I believe they will continue to excel. Not the forget the drinks. I think they are very nice too. Some sparkling soda I had, it was tasty and cooling. I give this restaurant a thumbs-up!
This is my first time eating at Nando\'s. I heard from friends that it was really nice, so I wanted to give it a try. I asked my dad and he also wanted to eat it, so we went there for dinner. As it was the first time my mum, my brother and I went there, my dad ordered the food. He ordered a Chicken Pita for my brother and I to share. The Chicken Pita came with one side dish, and I chose the Peri Chips. The chicken Pita was nice. The pita was easy to eat, the chicken was tender and the tomatoes and other ingredients inside were well cooked too. I enjoyed my meal. With the Pita Chips, it was wonderful. On top of that, I ordered a drink, Ice Chocopresso. It tasted like a chocolate drink, sweet and tasty. The chocolate could be tasted very well and it was a big cup. My dinner was wonderful.
The first time i went to nando i was very impressed with the quality.. That was about a year ago.. one year down.. not sure if it was just unlucky... the food was very very disappointing.. my chicken kebab was not marinated.. tasteless except for the sauce that was poured on top.. and worse... the hcicken was not hot at all! Can u imagine eating cold chicken? yikes! THe good thing is that they had expanded their side dish menu.. i had the spinach which was tasty but oily.. and the grilled beg was super duper oily.. u can see it glistening in oil.. I think i may not go back for awhile.. service is not very good too.. sometimes i have the feeling the waiters purposely looked like they didnt see u... =(
Nando\'s has opened another outlet at the Tanglin Mall after Bugis Junction. With the ever long queues at the Bugis Junction outlet, it is good to have another outlet to go to whenever I have craving for their peri grilled chicken.Their Peri Grilled Chicken definitely is one of the best in town. Spicy on the outside and tender inside. Besides the chicken, the sides served at Nando\'s were nice too. The Potato Lime Leave Skewer and Potato Salad were my favourite.
This time went to jcube outlet with my friends,i went during afternoon Ordered their grilled chicken breast burger,the burger was not huge to me & i find that the price was a bit expensive The chicken meat was average,not very tender,sauces was ok too really don\'t think it worth the price,waiting time for food was about 10mins,which consider quite fast overall i rate 5/10
Nando\'s is a Mediterranean restaurant that sells western and Mediterranean style food, and everything in the menu is usually chicken. They are famous for the spiciness level of roasted chicken and they are few levels, But I usually dare not try the most spicy one, although I love spicy food. This one I ordered is mild one, which is pretty spicy for me already. The chicken is still that tender and juicy, the butter rice is a bit hard and the fries is nice.
I got to know about Nando\'s when I was in Melbourne, Australia last year. I was excited about its opening in Singapore and was looking forward to sink my teeth into their famous peri peri chicken. Nando\'s did not disappoint me with their grilled chicken. The chicken was moist and tender. I thought it tasted better than the one I had in Melbourne.
I had won a cataplana Originale in a contest. One weekend, we decided to go to Jcube,since we had never been there before. After a bit of shopping,we headed to Nando\'s. We had to wait in a queue for about 10-15 minutes before being offered a table. I loved the lay out of Nando\'s at Jcube. It is facing the Ice rink & has a very cosy feel to it. I saw alot of parents dining there & their kids skating on the rink and came waving at their parents, every time they passed by the restaurant. The staff were super firendly & handed us the Menu. We ordered for an Originale Cataplana with hot sauce,which, I believe is newly introduced on the menu. We also ordered for a 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines with hot sauce. For sidelines, we ordered peri chips & coleslaw. It took a while for our food to arrive. In the meanwhile, we enjoyed watching people skate & having fun on the rink. Once our food arrived, we attacked it,since we were too hungry. The Cataplana was nice,but wasn\'t as great as I expected it to be. The portion was small & was just an O.K dish. I think, it wasn\'t really worth the price i.e. 19.90 $. We loved the chicken. I\'ve always been a fan of the Nando\'s Chicken & I\'ve never been disappointed on the quality & the taste. It was perfectly cooked, juicy & well done. The spice also, was just right. The peri peri chips were a delight. The coleslaw was ok too. The best was saved for the last. We finally ordered for dessert. We decided on Chocolate crunch roll. It was a chilled chocolate & biscuit roll. It was so heavenly, chocolaty & tasty. We relished every bite as we ended our meal at Nando\'s that afternoon. We love Nando\'s for their chicken & will definitely dine there more often.
My friends and I ordered the set meal for 8-10 people which came with six side dishes, two salads, two pieces of bread and ten pieces of quarter chicken with varying levels of spicy-ness that you could choose at Nando\'s! It was quite a feast with many many dishes served. The most enjoyable part of the meal was obviously the juicy and spicy chicken pieces. Their lowest level of spicy-ness is already quite spicy, imagine how heated up the person who had the highest spicy level would be after having it! The inside meat of the chicken was a little less seasoned but you could add more flavour with the spicy sauces they provide for people who want even more of the chili shiokness! We really enjoyed the meal although there was just too much spice with some side dishes also spicy.
1st of May being labor day we decided to visit Istana (The Presidents Palace) since we had never been there before. We had a very nice and lovely experience there and we also got a glimpse of nature at it\'s best and of course the palace doors were open so we got a chance to venture and see some amazing artifacts. After we were done and were out of the Istana main gates it was already 1.30pm, so we decided to visit Nando\'s for lunch since we were highly recommended of it by our friends. When we arrived we were in the queue for only a few seconds when the waitress showed us our seats and we made ourselves comfortable. We were then given the menu and we looked through it and decided to order Cataplana Porto, one Mild and the other Hot. We also ordered Peri Chips and for the drinks we ordered Rosa Fresca and Coke. Our meal arrived in about 7mins time and it was served in nice copper vessels. We indulged in our yummy cataplana\'s and sipped our drinks specially Rosa Fresca which went perfectly well with our food. The mushroom and the chicken were nice and tender and cooked to perfection and I can still feel the taste in my mouth as I am writing this The chips had an unique flavour thanks to the peri peri sprinkle on it. Nando\'s turned out to be an amazing place to eat and we do hope to visit there more often and try out their out unique dishes. Spending: Approximately SGD 19.90(Lunch)
These grilled chicken here at Nando is one of the nicer grilled chicken in town.They are really tender and juicy, and for the healthier group, this version here really suit them as the chicken skin has been removed to ensure a healthier and less oil version is presented to us.The french fries here are towards the thicker version which is really crispy, not too oily and also not too salty.It is served piping hot to me so every bites to it is so fresh and good!The portion is quite descently big and is just alright for an adult.However do be aware that the waiting time for your food to be served to you take quite some time.Spending: Approximately SGD 20.00(Lunch)
After my not so nice experience with this brunch when they first open their doors in Singapore, I thought it would be time to go back again to see if there is any improvements.Ordered the Citrus Bliss for my drinks.Not a bad concoction!It\'s tangy, refreshing and not overly sweet.I like the fizzy feeling that came from Sprite. ($4.90).For my main course, I ordered my usual 1/4 chicken with extra hot peri peri sauce and 2 sides.I chose Mediterranean rice and grilled vegetables.I find the chicken alot better than before.What used to be dry and hard has become really juicy and tender.The extra hot peri peri sauce is still not hot enough.I am still wondering why the taste is so different from what I had in Melbourne but I guess they are trying to localize the taste.The Mediterranean rice is yummy and you can really taste the flavor from the first mouthful.Grilled vegetables have improved alot also.The carrots are cooked well now.($14.90) Wouldn\'t mind dropping by again if I\'m around the area.
At Nando, my favourite are their different types of side dishes instead of their grilled meat dishes.These cold side dishes are really fresh and are made daily.Like their coleslaw as it is a mixture of shredded cabbage, carrot and garlic with that light mayonise sauce mix to it.You will feel refreshing and every mouthful is so crispy.Their potato salad is equally delicious as well with lots of mayonise mix to the normal and purple cut potato that make it so fragrant.If you are not in the mood to eat too much for your lunch or dinner, do consider having their differnt types of salad as one of your ideal meal.I can tell you you will not regret it.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Lunch)
The side dishes here are very different from other restaurant and fast food outlets.Instead of serving butter fragrant rice, they uses lots of spices and curry powder to make into their unique rice.The coleslaw here taste abit more sour compare to others who actually served creamy and sweet coleslaw.The french fries here have lots of pepper dashed on it instead of salt.It is crispy but not really hot when served to me.Their serving also take quite long upon my order of foods.
The family went to the Tampines branch for dinner. When we arrive there was a short queue, but we did not have to wait too long for our turn. We ordered the Peri Platter which is enough for 4 persons. You get 4 quarters of chicken, choice of 3 large sides, one Portuguese Salad and one Bolo bread.You can choose different levels of heat for the different quarter of chicken. There is 4 levels from Lemon and Herb to Extra Hot Peri-Peri. The grilled chicken is moist and has a nice grilled flavour. The Portuguese Salad is a nice mixed of green consisting of rocket leaves, tomato, green olive and a vinaigrette. The other 3 Sidelines we picked were Spiced Rice, Coleslaw and Peri Corn. The Coleslaw is nice and crunchy. The Spiced Rice is not bad and corn taste like the usual steam corSis wanted to try the Angry Mango Burger which comes with 1 side order. The Angry Mango Burger is grilled chicken sandwich topped with bits of Mango to give it a tangy taste. For the Sides we picked the Peri Chips which is actually French Fries coated with some spicy powder.I tried their Madeira Red drink which is pomegranate lemonade drink with sprite. I think they forgot to put a sugary rim on my glass. I like the refreshing drink with crunchy bits of pomegranate. Spending: Approximately SGD 26(Dinner)
Had a small group gathering at Nando\'s with friends. The tender spicy chicken, refreshing green salad, soft bread and sides such as fries, corn, mashed potato make us very full.I had the chicken with hot peri peri but not that spicy as I thought, added some extra hot sauce on my own later ;p Chicken was tender but would be even better if the meat could be thicker
Its Sunday! So me and boyfriend decided to go J Cube for our first time! There were many people as it was the weekend and newly opened. So we went for Nando\'s for our lunch as it is always my boyfriend\'s favourite. We ordered a 1/2 Chicken with 2 Sidelines for both of us. No doubt i always think that Nando\'s chickens are better than Kenny Roger\'s. It comes with one chicken wing and chicken breast. It was more than enough for both of us.Spending: Approximately SGD 15
My friends and I decided to try out Nando\'s famous grilled chicken after hearing so many good reviews about it. We arrived at the place at dinner\'s time and the restaurant was already crowded with many hungry diners. The good thing about the restaurant is that it is located right beside the biggest ice skating rink in the mall and we can get a good view of the ice hockey match while enjoying our dinner However, one thing disappointing about the service as we waited for quite a while to be served as there was only one waitress taking orders at our seating area that day. We ordered the 1/4 Chicken and Chicken Pita to share and was allowed to choose a few sidelines to accompany the main course. There was a list of sidelines in the menu to choose from and everything sounds so delicious! Hence we decided to get the Mediterranean Rice, Spiced Rice, Corn as well as the Peri-Peri chips. In addition, we were also allowed to choose the flavor of the chicken based on the 4 levels of spiciness; Lemon and Herb, Mild Peri-Peri, Hot Peri-Peri as well as the Extra Hot Peri-Peri. The serving of the food were so generous! The grilled chicken taste absolutely fantastic! The Mild Peri-Peri taste blends well into the chicken and it was not spicy at all! On the other hand the Lemon and Herb one tasted a little sour but overall it was nice too! As for the sides, the Mediterranean Rice was delicious as compared to the Spiced Rice which had a funny taste. Surprisingly the Peri-Peri chips were french fries top with the Peri-Peri powder instead of "potato chips" that we first interpreted from the name on the menu. Nonetheless, the chips were just as nice and Peri-Peri powder adds on wellto the taste of the french fries. Customers are also allowed to request for additional Peri-Peri powder in case you didn\'t get enough of the awesome taste Overall the food here were really delicious and really worth the price! This is really a must-try food for many out there Spending: Approximately SGD 20.00(Dinner)
Overall food was not bad, although after all the hype on the service, it did not seems to improve at all. We had a party of 4 and request to be seated at the round sofa seats in a 3/4 empty restaurant during a weekday evening. We were rejected saying that must be a party of 6 and more. We came in at 630pm and left at 9pm, restaurant was never even half full with all the sofa seats left empty throughout my dinner. We only like the fries and the lemon drink. The bread is super tough to chew. Seriously, with the amount that we paid, I would rather go Kenny Roger\'s.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Dinner)
J and I were looking for a place to have our late dinner after a movie date and we were torn between having soupy ramen or Nandos chicken. I knew he wanted to have the latter and so we headed there. Nandos is a restaurant known for their specialty, grilled chicken, with their famous peri peri sauces of different levels of spiciness. Upon reaching the restaurant, we were surprised to see a queue since it was relatively late. The wait wasn\'t long before we were shown to our seats. I realized they had new items on the menu. I saw 2 similar items and couldn\'t differentiate between them. Hence, I asked one of the staff and she gave a very good description of the dishes. J chose to have 1/2 chicken, mild peri spicy, with 2 sides- Potato salad and peri peri fries while I set my mind on the new item, Cataplana. We also ordered beverages- Iced lemon tea and Madeira red. Our drinks came shortly. I did not try the Iced lemon tea because I didn\'t think that it would be of anything out of this world. Haha. My Madeira red was so pretty- tall glass rimmed with sugar, fizzy red drink with floating pomegranate pieces. It was actually flavoured Sprite. It was good! And I loved chewing on those pomegranate pieces! Our mains arrived soon. My Cataplana came first and boy, I was surprised and so intrigued by the presentation. As seen in the photos, the Cataplana came in a metal round dish plating with the cover, which resembled like the hot dishes u would see at buffet establishments, just smaller in size. I was guessing that they cooked the food directly in the pan since they presented it with a cork placemat. Okay, so what exactly is my Cataplana? Its a bed of spiced rice filled with green & red capsicums, some onions, mushrooms, zucchini and grilled chicken thigh meat. So if you don\'t like the veggies mentioned, u would not have ordered this, haha. According to the level of spiciness u could take, u choose a suitable peri peri sauce. I had mine in Hot peri peri. Upon the first bite of the rice, the strong flavours of the spices filled my entire mouth, tasted like nasi briyani (haha!). The spiciness then tingled my senses. I thought that I chose a level too spicy since every grain of rice was coated with the peri peri sauce. So beware! to those who can\'t take HOT. The veggies and chicken were also infused with the peri peri sauce and they were really well flavoured. Veggies were well done as they were cooked yet crunchy to bite into. The chicken pieces were also juicy and tender. Overall, I was satisfied with the new dish except for that tad spiciness. While i was busy taking photos of my then arrived cataplana, J\'s 1/2 chicken came. The portion was HUGE. The chicken came piping hot and the grilled lines on the chicken made the dish looked so appetizing it tantalised my tastebuds! For a moment, I regretted ordering mine. Anyway, I took bites of J\'s item. I tried the potatoes first and they were all soft and fluffy, and drenched in mayo sauce. Not the best I had eaten but decent. Next was the peri peri fries. It was fries sprinkled with peri peri spiced powder, like Mac\'s Seaweed shaker fries. It was not spicy in my opinion, but tasted good. I took bites of the different parts of the chicken (breast, rib, thigh, drum) and it was thoroughly tender! With each bite, I could taste the smokey flavour. The chicken was very well done! I loved it! No doubt, it was Nandos specialty chicken! We polished every bit of our food and were satisfied! Bill came up to about $60. Given the tasty food, welcoming ambience and friendly staff, I will see myself coming back soon for more CHICKEN GOODNESS! Spending: Approximately SGD 30(Dinner)
This caesar salad is nice. The bread crumbs are very crunchy and flavorful by itself. For the chicken, it is mildly hot and it goes very well with the salad. The chicken pieces were generous and the portion is quite big. However, the dressing for the salad were a little too much and it tastes quite salty. The service is quite fast and the environment is suitable for chilling.Spending: Approximately SGD 12.90
I had wanted to try this restaurant for a while so i decided to have lunch there. As i am not a fan of spicy food, i order the chicken flavored with lemon and herb sauce. I ordered a quarter chicken with Cous Cous Salad and French fries. Both the Cous Cous Salad and fries tasted good. I love the chicken too, well-grilled, well marinated and still have its juiciness intact. The only bad thing is that the chicken serving is a bit small for a quarter chicken.
I ordered a ½ chicken with 2 sides ($22.90) which are peri chips and peri potato salad. The ½ chicken tasted just like normaly roasted chicken, nothing very special. The peri chips were similar to mac donald’s shaker fries, however the seasoning is better. The potato salad was a winner, it was smooth and tasty and the portion was just right. When ordering chicken, you will be asked for the spicy-ness level you want. A word of advice, just order the mild peri peri flavour if you are unsure because there are 4 bottles of 3 different chilli sauce (mild, hot and extra hot) and 1 bottle of lemon and herb on each table. You can always add more chilli on your own.
We visited Nando’s at Bugis Junction on a weekday night for dinner. This outlet is rather crowded so always book in advance for larger groups. They will normally allow you to hold the table for some time if you have at least half the group there (which was what happened to us). I ordered an Angry Mango Burger. The burger is basically a bun with a slice of grilled chicken in it, served with diced mango. It also comes with 1 side which I choose peri peri chips of mild peri peri flavor (ie. The lowest level of spiciness).I found the burger disappointing because the buns were soggy from the sauce and the mango. And the grilled chicken breast was in need to A LOT more seasoning.
Nando\'s has always been one of the reliable restaurants to go to for good chicken, and I love their Peri-Peri sauce. This was my first time trying the Extra Hot marinate and the spiciness was tolerable (was always afraid to try!) But I think that the marinate doesn\'t contribute to the spiciness of the chicken that much; the sauce that you directly add will make most of the difference. I didn\'t like the grilled vegetables side though, it was too greasy and oily. The spiced rice was so-so; I personally wouldn\'t order it again. Spending: Approximately SGD 30(Lunch)
The chicken kebab taste quite nice. It arrived in a authentic turkish kebab setup which it\'s quite special. The spices of chicken kebab are unique but the taste was a little bit too strong. But overall, the taste is ok.french fries nice when eaten hot.
If people ask you,which restaurant chicken is nice,please answer NANDO. It is really nice. This is mild one. Because i not very like the spicy one,the spicy one,is not only spicy and also sour. This mild one is just nice. I like the smoke taste from the skin. They really grilled it well. The chicken is also very tender and flavorful.
Their chicken are simply the least oily taste. The marinated peri peri sauce with the chicken with the correct temperature to grill the chicken meat makes the bone able to absorb the unique nando’s taste. The sauces nando used are vegetarians and they have guaranteed no preservatives are used. We are also able to choose the spicy level of the peri peri sauce and I have chosen the mild level and indeed it is not too spicy for me to tame.Spending: Approximately SGD 15(Lunch)
It was our first time dining at Nando\'s. Love the Portuguese setting of the restaurant. First thing I notice when I glance through the menu was that there\'s a lot of the term Peri-Peri. Peri-Peri sauce chicken, Peri-Peri Platters, Peri-Peri corns and Peri-Peri chips. Just when I was about to ask the waitress what is Peri-Peri, I saw in the menu a column titled "The Peri Peri Story." To summary the whole thing, Peri Peri simply refer to their special chili sauce which originated from the fiery little African Bird\'s Eye Chilli. The Peri-Peri sauce is a spice that is totally unique to them. Herbs, fresh lemon and garlic were added to this chili. After looking at the Peri-O-Meter, we decided to just have the mild Peri-Peri Half chicken completed with Peri Chips and Corns.It was love at first bite for the mild Peri-Peri flame-grilled chicken. They used fresh chicken instead of frozen chicken and was so well marinated that the flavours goes right through to the bone! This dish cost S$ 22.90We also ordered their designer drinks called Madeira Red. It was a sweet and fizzy lemonade mixed with Sprite and is nice, sweet and refreshing costing $4.90.We end off our meal with a $7.90 Lighten Up Chocolate Cake. The cake was light and not too chocolaty but I felt that $7.90 was a little bit too expansive. Overall, a nice dinning experience. The service was excellent and food was served promptly.
Their sidelines are simply alluring to look at; large amounts of food filled in small white bowls. Spiced Rice: I\'m torn between the Mediterranean Rice and Spiced Rice. I believe this sideline is made with many spices to give the rice its unique flavour. Unlike the Mediterranean Rice, every grain of the Spiced Rice is distinct and tastes yummy. I ordered 1 Hot chicken with Peri Potato Salad and Mediterranean Rice, 1 Lemon & Herb Chicken with Peri Chips and Peri 3 Bean Salad, and 2 glasses of soft drinks - Orange and Coke.
there are 4 flavours for the chicken, and this time, I tried the Mild flavour. A little spicy, but the spiciness did not mask the original taste of the chicken. New sidelines that I tried during this visit were Cous Cous Salad and Coleslaw. Not my top favourites, especially the cous cous, which were fine bits with weird taste. Though some dishes were not to my liking, at least I\'d embarked on a unique food journey experience!
Nandos set meal for 4 people – 4 chicken, 1 salad, 4 side courses, and one jar of drink. It is quite a worthwhile set meal for 4 people. We had rice, fries, pasta salad and chips for our 4 side courses. And everyone has quite a large portion of chicken, together with the citrus drink. The whole meal was delicious! The whole meals costs about $40 which means each just have to pay $10.Spending: Approximately SGD 40(Dinner)
I had wanted to try this restaurant for a while so i decided to have lunch there. As i am not a fan od spicy food, i order the chicken flavored with lemon and herb sauce. I ordered a quarter chicken with Cous Cous Salad and butter rice. Both the Cous Cous Salad and butter rice salad tasted good. I love the chicken too, well-grilled, well marinated and still have its juiciness intact. The only bad thing is that the chicken serving is a bit small for a quarter chicken.
I had wanted to try this restaurant for a while so i decided to have lunch there. As i am not a fan od spicy food, i order the chicken flavored with lemon and herb sauce. I ordered a quarter chicken with Cous Cous Salad and Peri Potato Salad. Both the Cous Cous Salad and Peri Potata salad tasted good. I love the chicken too, well-grilled, well marinated and still have its juiciness intact. The only bad thing is that the chicken serving is a bit small for a quarter chicken.
I had wanted to try this restaurant for a while so i decided to have lunch there. As i am not a fan od spicy food, i order the chicken flavored with lemon and herb sauce. I ordered a quarter chicken with Cous Cous Salad and Peri Potato Salad. Both the Cous Cous Salad and Peri Potata salad tasted good. I love the chicken too, well-grilled, well marinated and still have its juiciness intact. The only bad thing is that the chicken serving is a bit small for a quarter chicken.
I had the chicken with hot peri peri but not that spicy as I thought, added some extra hot sauce on my own later ;p Chicken was tender but would be even better if the meat could be thicker ;p Bread was just ok. Instead of mango bits, I only tasted mango syrup/sauce I had peri chips and grilled vegetable as side dishes which were good! On a sidenote, the designers\' drinks @ Nando\'s were very disappointing - just soft drinks with some added stuff - nothing fantastic. Save some money and get some regular soft drinks instead. Ooh, Nando\'s don\'t serve iced water too ...
We have 4 person to eat at Nando\'s so we decided to order this Feast for 4. Total $81.00($68.80+tax n service) and One person $20.25.The sides we ordered : potato salad, coleslaw, fries and butter rice. Recommended : potato salad and coleslaw!!! Great.1/4 Mild Peri-peri Chicken The mild one is abit bitter,maybe because of the burnt part. The hot and extra one is too spicy already until can\'t taste the bitter. So i more prefer the hot and extra hot peri-peri chicken.
Had lunch @ Nando\'s last Saturday with my ex-colleagues and their friendly enviroment at plaza singapura leave a very good impression on me! I had this popular \'Quarters Chicken with their must try peri fries and peri potato salard!\'. If you are someone who can\'t take spicy stuff, do not order any stuff with \'peri\' in it as it means spicy. The Quarter chicken is actually smoke/grill chicken and you can chose either the chicken thighs or the breast meat. In my case, I opt for the thighs and the meat in it is so tender and juicy! *A must try!*As for the peri fries, it is pretty good too only the peri salard which is a big disappointment and I find that too awful to swallow after a few bites of it. =XAnd here\'s my friend \'Angry mango burger\' which I tried it too. The chicken breast meat in it was surprisingly tender and the mango saurce is so tasty & creamy! Making it a real match with the meat! *Highly recommended*And here\'s my drinks - fresh lime. It has a very refreshing taste which was blended with real lime in it making it taste so much like a vegetable juice and I simply likes it to the max![ Spending: Approximately SGD 23(Lunch)
The Hot chicken is cooked better and spicier than before. Not bad! Their sidelines are simply alluring to look at; large amounts of food filled in small white bowls. I believe this sideline is made with many spices to give the rice its unique flavour. Unlike the Mediterranean Rice, every grain of the Spiced Rice is distinct and tastes yummy.
My friend told me that Nando\'s food is nice,so i decide to have a try.These sauces is made with garlic,lemon,herbs,etc. It also was sellen in market. But i not very like it,i mroe prefer normal chilli sauce.But it is quite special,suitable for European. We have 4 people,so we try on the Feast For 4. Total $81.00($68.80+tax n service) One person $20.25.1 Litre of Citra. It taste like lime juice plus some soda.From top: (left) Mediterranean Rice (Right) Peri Potato Salad The rice is just normal,nothing special. I like the potato,it is fresh,the potato is the small potato,can eat with the skin,not the big potato that we used to cooked for ABC soup. I like the combination of the sauce and potato,it is healthy and fresh. Bottom: (left) Coleslaw (Right) Peri Chips I like the coleslaw very much,it is really fresh. It taste better than the KFC one. The french fires is normal,quite big in size,so not very crispy. The sidelines is in large size,so is quite big bowl.The salad is made with vege,onion,tomato,olive and some sauce. WA,it is very sour. Better dont dip too much of sauce,or you will get shock. The wedges is also big in size.It\'s too much,my friend and me also can\'t finish it. I quite like the creamy perinaise,it abit like the thousand island.Wao,it\'s so choky. I really get choke.It got abit smoked taste,maybe it is grilled. I quite like that smell,the meat is also soft and tasty. But i not very like to eat the chiken with the sauce,i more prefer dip with the coleslaw. It also not very oily,still ok.Actually the hot one not much different with the extra hot,just the hot one is more choky.The mild one is abit bitter,maybe because of the burnt part. The hot and extra one is too spicy already until can\'t taste the bitter. So i more prefer the hot and extra hot peri-peri chicken. Many food in Nando is very sour. I really doesn\'t like the sauce.
I went to nando’s for a group outing. I simply love the food there especially the sides. My favourite sides are the coslaw, potato salad and fries. their fries are not the ordinary fries, this one had chilli powder to spice up the fries. the coslaw is very light and refreshing. I simply love the sauce. the potato salad is very creamy. I love the sour cream that they mixed into the potato salad. Their chicken are also really good, very tender and juicy. love it all!
Ordered a feast for four which includes 4 sets of 1/4 peri-peri chicken, a jug of Citra, wedges, salad, and 4 sides to be choose from. We chose a coleslaw, fries, potato salad and Mediterranean rice. The chicken is indeed quite large piece, tender although chicken breast is given. Flavourful too and nicely grilled. The "Hot Peri-peri" is already quite spicy for me. Anyway the sauce is quite sour which my friends cant accept and keep on complaining. The sides are all nice, esp the salad which i like the most. Refreshing and sourish but i love it!portugese salad
Title Peri peri Chicken Comment The peri peri chicken taste nice. The chicken is tender and succulent. I love the sauce. I think i will order the same dishes next time when i have a opportunity to visit Nando\'s again. Grade /5Title Chicken Kebab Comment The chiken kebab taste quite nice. It arrived in a authentic turkish kebab setup which it\'s quite special. The spices of chicken kebab are unique but the taste was a little bit too strong. But overall, the taste is ok. Grade /5Spending: Approximately SGD 24(Dinner)
Went to nando\'s for the second time and this time,I ordered this dish(forget the name but you can easily spot it on the menu.hehe) It\'s basically rice,with chicken.it also came with something that tasted like coleslaw. Learnt my lesson from the previous time and got them to prepare my chicken with mild peri-peri.YES,it was soo much better than the hot peri-peri.For the daredevils,you should try the very hot peri-peri! Overall,i thought this dish was pretty good!
Went to have lunch with aisha at nando\'s and I got myself pita bread with chicken,lettuce and tomato as stuffings.My choice of sauce was the hot peri-peri. They have mild,hot and very hot peri-peri. Since im a spice lover, I decided to go for the hot peri-peri. It was really hot!!! I regretted taking the hot sauce and wished I had taken the mild one instead. I thought the food was different though.I quite liked it. But sadly,they dont have chilli sauce. Spending: Approximately SGD 20
Nando\'s is a relatively new name in the food industry. It focuses on turkish food and the uniqueness is in the different spiciness level of the spices they have. I ordered the chicken kebab. It arrived in this authentic turkish kebab setup which added to the feel of the whole meal. It was not too bad. The spices were unique but the taste was a little too strong for me.
Nice big feast at Nando\'s!! Had a small group gathering at Nando\'s with friends. The tender spicy chicken, refreshing green salad, soft bread and sides such as fries, corn, mashed potato make us very full.
I love the sides at Nando\'s a lot. The butter rice and coleslaw is awesome. And I like the fries coated with chilli powder that make it a lil\' spicy.The bread is nice too, make me more filling.
Ordered Mild spicy whole chicken at Nando\'s The chicken is tender and juicy and not very oily. Anyway the spiciness is not enough for me.Side - Salad The salad is very refreshing, perfect to eat with chicken or any meat. I love the dressing.
Finally decided to eat at Nandos now that the craze has died down. Brought while family there so we ordered the Peri Platter, which included: 1) Salad - it\'s fresh greens dressed with a vinegarette. It\'s alright but it\'s kinda sour in the not very nice sense...hmmm... :/ 2) 4 quarters of chicken - we ordered 2 Hot Peri and 2 Lemon & Herb. The hot was quite spicy actually but nice. My children found the Lemon & Herb too sour and left all the skin for me (Yay!) and just ate the flesh with ketchup. The meat is tender so that\'s nice. 3) Medeterrane Rice - This is one of the 4 sides of the set. It tastes like butter rice essentially, ok but not great. 4) Grilled Vege - Side 2 and this is rather oily. Hope it\'s olive oil but it taste ok. 5) Potato Salad - they tossed mini potatoes with what I think is Thousand Island sauce so it\'s too sweet & sour for my liking. Was disappointed. 6) French Fries - my kid\'s delight! But seriously, how do you mess up french fries lor? 7) 2 loaves of bread with herb butter - the bread is actually quite nice with a powdery topping. The butter herb is ok, honestly, I find my home-made one nicer. 8) Hummus - hubby ordered this starter as he really felt like eating the hummus dip. He liked it enough. 9) Chicken liver with Hot Peri Peri - hubby ordered this starter too because he liked this dish in Melaka. But strangely, he found this version sour? Overall my family was not very impressed with the meal, not likely to return.Spending: Approximately SGD 30(Dinner)
Nando\'s is acasual dining chain from South Africa. But I first tasted the peri-peri chicken and its condiments at KL and it struck a chord with me at then! Simply chicken at it\'s best One gets to choose his/her favourite chicken part from the menu that includes full, half or quarter chicken thighs and chicken breast. It also comes with pitas, burgers and about 8 to 9 side dishes. Now the exciting part comes! Choose your choice of Peri-Peri flavor, ranging from mild, hot, extra hot or lemon and herb Petisco - $23.90I had the chicken with hot peri peri but not that spicy as I thought, added some extra hot sauce on my own later ;p Chicken was tender but would be even better if the meat could be thicker ;p Bread was just ok. Instead of mango bits, I only tasted mango syrup/sauce I had peri chips and grilled vegetable as side dishes which were good! Beef Prego Roll - $14.90 (with 1 side dish)Comments from my fellow diners that had this - was good On a sidenote, the designers\' drinks @ Nando\'s were very disappointing - just soft drinks with some added stuff - nothing fantastic. Save some money and get some regular soft drinks instead. Ooh, Nando\'s don\'t serve iced water too ...
I ordered the not so spicy chicken. The chicken is well marinated and tasted really nice too. Meat is juicy and succulent. Also had garlic bread. It was just fine. Salad was alright. Nothing fascinating.
i had dinner at nando\'s with my family. the chicken at nando\'s are really to die for. it is grilled to perfection, so tender and juicy at the same time. one mouth and you can simply taste the juicines. the sauce they topped on the chicken is absolutely mouth watering. their fries are quite special, have the shaker fries powder. it is fried till very crispy and delicious. the service here is great too. though the meal was a little pricey, i really enjoyed my meal here.
They used to have long queue even though it was weekdays’ night.We first patronised this outlet some 2 years ago when they re-open Singapore market.Then after a long while, we came again.The queue has gone, we stepped in there would have someone leading us to our seats. We ordered both ½ chicken with 2 side dishes.Side dishes for fried rice and mix veggie were rather small portion, lime leave with baby potato and potato chips were normal serving.Presentation for the whole dish was fine, chicken was a bit charred on skin, taste wise it has their unique marinated sauce.First bite was a bit bland then I dipped with their hot Peri Peri sauce, it was too salty to my like.I stopped eating it with the peri peri sauce again.I just ate it on its own. Be reminded, the restaurant would not serve drinking water for free, all beverages are chargeable.We bore with the dryness as we would prefer to drink something other than fizzy drinks.Having said that it was really dry when swallowing the grilled chicken without something to drink with! We managed to finish all the side dishes, my friend has finished his portion and I no matter how couldn’t finish my portion, I have eaten the leg and wing and left the big piece of breast behind.Dumping the breast seems a big waste so we ask them to packet it home.The paper bag was huge for such a chicken breast! Probably they marinated the chicken with too much of sauce, it was really salty after taste, we were very thirsty the whole evening.It wasn’t good on me as I have water retention the next day, my whole body swell, my pair of sandal was so tight, my eyes looked like gold fish!Nope, after this meal, we would not go back again.Though their services were fine, we found that prices were in high side, plus no water to drink with.We would eat something else in something other places.
The cream of mushroom soup taste yummy!Two thumbs up!However was very disappointed by their garden green salad as is too plain and should have few other selection of vegetables such as sliced carrots and tomatoes to go along with it.Their cray fish is quite dry and the the french fries on the main course is too saltish.Spending: Approximately SGD 30(Lunch)
The Nando chicken is one of my favorite chicken. The sauce comes in a different levels of spiciness. After so many tried on the spicy sauces, i decided to give it a try for the not so spicy one. As usual, the chicken is always so nice and even the sauce that we have tried is fabulous.
Nando\'s did not particularly impress me much. The service was pretty bad, i had to call for bill twice and waited for 20 minutes just to pay. I was thinking no one would mind if i had just simply walked out of the shop without payment. They just have the " i don\'t care" attitude. I had the angry mango burger, which, though was stated as extra hot, was not hot at all. They gave only a few dices of mango, so the taste of mango was easily covered by the peri sauce of chicken. Not exactly my idea of a combination to go with. I should have gone with the crowd and ordered chicken meat with sides. Maybe i would have a better dining experience.
Second visit to Nando\'s before proceed to iluma for movie preview. Ordered a set of 1/4 chicken with coleslaw and Puri chips. I love the chips. i love the uniquely PERI PERI seasoning chips to the right level of spiciness. It might looked red but the spiciness level was well controlled. The coleslaw tasted rather good too. It came serving in a little bowl. The chicken leg is still as delicious as ever. I went ahead to order the mild level and it came with a little yellow flag saying \'tickle your taste bugs\'. It left me craving for more after i done eating the chicken leg. I would definitely be back for more. If you want something different to spice up your life then then this is it. But beware! You might be hooked! Recommended.
I usually end my weekdays by having dinner with friends. For our Friday get-together, I chose the restaurant, Nando\'s, which is at Plaza Singapura. When my friends and I got there, the queue was so long that we had to wait for over 30 minutes just to get a table. While I was waiting in line outside the resto, I was thinking to myself that their food better be good! When we were finally able to garner seats inside, I ordered the 1/4 chicken with meditteranean rice. I was feeling brave that night so I ordered hot. Hmm. The chicken was very tender and juicy, but I didn\'t really get to appreciate it because it was too spicy for me! Haha. It felt like my mouth was on fire and I kept dowsing it by drinking orange juice. Even my friend, who ordered the mild spicy chicken, said that there was nothing mild about its flavour. After our meal, we had to go get dessert just to wash off the hot flavour in our mouths. Spending: Approximately SGD 10(Dinner)
Nando\'s is my new favorite. There are a few levels of flavor ranging from Lemon & Herb, Mild Peri-Peri, Hot Peri-Peri and Extra Hot Peri-Peri. I love spicy foods but the maximum level i can go is Hot Peri Peri. The first mouthful might not be spicy but the aftertaste is. My suggestion would be order the Lemon & Herb or the Mild Peri Peri, and if you prefer it to be spicier, you can always help yourself to those sauces available right on the table. I ordered 11/4 chicken with Cous Cous Salad and Puri Potato Salad. The sides are nice particularly Puri Potato Salad. I love the chicken too, well-grilled, well marinated and still have its juiciness intact. Those sauces are on sales too. You can bring them home and make your very own puri puri chicken at home.Spending: Approximately SGD 18.90
Chanced upon Nandos at PS that day. We had heard of their yummy peri peri chicken but had never tried it before. We\'re really glad we did. It was great. But sadly,our initial choice was out of stock that day.So we decide to take the peri peri chicken with 2 side dishes. Really love it!!! The chicken was tender and succulent. Love the sauce. Surprisingly,it wasnt as spicy as we thought it\'ll be. Customer service was great.They were really friendly to every single customer.Great food great customer service. Spending: Approximately SGD 30(Dinner)
Initially I am very skeptical of this place. I heard of the long queues at the Bugis Junction branch and the business at Tanglin wasn\'t too bad. And the jingles and the radio segments, until I try it three weeks ago and I must I am IMPRESSED! I don\'t know how they marinade the chicken but it tastes so good. Especially with the Peri Peri sauce, it\'s even better! And I really like the Natas and Bolo bread too. Nobody this place is always so crowded! But I did notice one thing, the price here is twice as much as Malaysia!. Think I will eat more Nandos when I am in Malaysia. ;) Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Dinner)
I had their chicken wrap during lunch. There wasn't anyone at all! Love their sauces. From mild hot to extra hot and for non-hot which is tomato. It'll be a pity if you can't take spicy food as it really taste fabulous. I even bought a bottle back! Plus point, probably during rush hours you won't get this kind of good food as the chef are too busy. Chicken was pretty tender , fresh and seasoned. Will come back again!

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My first time trying it after hearing so many raves. The queue is mad! Super duper long queue and can take up to half and hour or more! Whereas during lunch time about 1pm on weekdays, there's no one at all! Probably should go on non peak hours! Anyway, i ordered grilled chicken, fries and potato salad. Was pretty sick as my side dishes are both potato based. Overall still not bad. Too bad i can't take spicy stuffs, so i can only take their tomato sauce. Chicken was pretty healthy style and it's quite tender too! However, due to the lack of service and waiting time, don't think it's really worth as the food are only average!

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This bugis outlet is their first of many outlets to come! Located within Bugis Junction, the place attracted many people when it first opened, and it's still doing so.

Visited the outlet with 3 other friends so we ordered the peri platter for me. In my opinion, it's not worth it as we can only choose 4 sidelines, compared to the set meal which allowed us to choose 2 sidelines each. We also ordered the peri hummus and novo pita! Warm bread dipped in unique sauce. Worth trying!

And of course when you're having so much chicken, I recommend ordering an iced chocolate as well! Very sweet and pleasing!

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Heard alot about Nandos from friends, My hubby and i wanted to give it a try a few times earlier but because of the long queues, we drop the idea. There is one time, we where are Bugis around 5pm in the evening, there was no queue but the place was almost filled up. Overall, i think the food is just okie, price quite reasoanable. Don't think will want to come back to dine again.

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I had quarter peri peri chicken and chose Peri fries and mediterranean rice as my side dish. I like the hot peri peri chicken its better with its fiery hot taste and whets the appetite!
My peri fries were great as well. I didnt like the mediterranean rice too much. It taste a bit like fried rice. I would have prefered the spice rice that my friend chose.

One the whole, its a good experience at nando's.

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There is always this snake queue outside Nando's that got me rather interested in the food served there so one fine day, even though we were rather hungry, my bf and I decided to joined the brave souls and queued for an hour plus.

I ordered a quarter chicken with grilled vegetables and old-styled chips as my sides (mild spicy) while my bf ordered half a chicken with peri chips and rice (lemon and herbs).The beverages looked interesting too so we ordered a coke based caramelized drink.

The peri-peri sauces were very interesting but I thought the garlic flavoured one didn't taste any much different from the mild spicy one. Nevertheless, they went well with the chicken which had a unique taste (so that's why people flock there) The chicken meat was tender and juicy with an addictive aroma. The only difference between old-styled and peri chips was that the latter had chili powder which made the chips yummier! The grilled vegetables were rather oily, making it a bad choice.

The drink was rather so-so, tasted almost like normal Coke. The service wasn't really fantastic, having difficulties to get the servers' attention at times. And the spot where we were sitting was rather bad, with the spotlight shining at my bf's face throughout the meal. Overall, it was an ok experience with good food. I'll most probably dine there the next time when there isn't a queue.

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I wonder why all the Singaporeans go mad over nando's. Seriously, whenever I pass Bugis, weekdays or not, it always has a Q at night. So that's a warning for you all!

Anyhow, I never tried the resto before even back in my hometown and it's always, always empty and quiet back at home, before finally closing down for good. So I never got to try.

Finally decided to try. Being a newbie, my friend and I ordered the 1/4 with 2 sidelines. I ordered the fries and Mediterranean rice with mild chicken taste and coke. Took a real while to even serve the drinks even though it wasn't a full house being lunch time.

Without asking or pestering the waiter on where's our lunch, it came like about half an hour later. Was quite tired of waiting but when it came I was a bit happy of the portion - big! I was getting hungry.

The food: Fries with the said peri-peri sauce or whatever, it has no taste, really. Not recommended. Just plain fries.

Mediterranean rice: chose over the other type of rice, because the other, said by the waiter, is cooked with spices and stuff. This rice sounds safer. Just like a bit buttery and stuff. Nothing special.

The chicken, with just-ok tenderness with the sauce was new to me, but there was nothing special about this peri-peri which everone goes mad about. Used the garlic sauce on the table and the tomato souce, The garlic was pretty spicy though! Which is a bit good to give my eyes a tug to keep me awake

Didn't really tickle my tastebuds or whatever the flag says. Yes its edible and its good, but I prefer 4 fingers all over than this, hands down!

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Be wary of the long queues if you are going on the weekends.

The ambiance is a little rowdy and tables are kinda cramps for us.
Tried their signature Peri Peri chicken Quarter on several different level.

The chicken is nicely charred, tender and with little fats.
The highlight have to be the peri peri sauce that comes with the chicken.
You can douse it with even more Peri-Peri sauce (Of diff lvl) provided at each table.

I think if without the sauce, there's nothing to rave about on the grilled chickens.

The sides are very standard 'western' sides selection. I dont know about others, but definitely nothing memorable to me.

Nice char-grill, tender, juicy, and with little fat. Great! This is their signature dish, so it can't really go wrong.

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This being my first time to Nando’s, I ordered the recommended ‘Mild’ Peri-Peri level of seasoning for a quarter chicken with 2 sides – Peri-Peri fries and Mediterranean rice.

Well, the Nando’s chicken lived up to the hype when I bit into that juicy thigh. Flame-grilled and seasoned perfectly, it was one of the best grilled chickens I had in a long time. Savoury with a hint of spice and lemon, the succulent flesh bade me to finish it to the bone within minutes.

The Peri-Peri fries were excellent as well, dusted with their spice mix. But the Mediterranean rice was an extreme let-down, being just an ordinary bowl of butter rice with some corns, carrots and peas mixed inside. In what universe is that considered Mediterranean?

However the main negative experience at Nando’s was the poor service of the Nando’s staff. This has been noted by many other people as well, but as far as I know, Nando’s has chosen to treat the complaints like they don’t exist – much like their service.

We had to wait for 30+ mins just to get our bill and this was after hailing 3 different wait staff. And the restaurant was not really very crowded either. I know that we weren’t the only ones left out because I could see all the tables around me getting restless and constantly hailing the service staff.

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To say I love chicken skin is an understatement, I am faithfully passsionate about chicken skin and often get furious to see chicken sans thy precious skin. While Nando's chicken is tender and I do love its smokey taste but it has no skin. Words cannot describe my pain. Thankfully, the peri-peri sauce was so delightfully spicy and tangy. The shiokness of the sauce made me live through my chicken dinner sans skin.

I went straight for the 1/4 chicken thigh ($13.90) with extra hot sauce and it went very well with the sides of coleslaw and mediterranean rice. The lacklustre sides were once again saved by the per-peri sauce. Towards the end of my meal, I tried the hot sauce and found it as spicy as the extra hot. Hmm, perhaps my tastebuds were numb by extra hot already. Anyway, I am craving for the sauce now that I am typing this entry. Totally regret not to buy a bottle back.

We also had the 1/4 chcken wing+breast with peri-peri chips and lime leaves potato ($13.90). The peri-peri chips were excellent on my first visit but seemed to be sitting around for awhile when we went for dinner again last Friday. Nevertheless, my dining partner found her chicken wing tender and delish too.

The drinks sound and look pretty enticing and we had the Madeira Red and Crisom Cola ($3.90 each) , both drinks went well with the spicy chicken but a tad too pricey for a casual dining outlet.

In short, I love Nando's peri-peri sauce and will love it much more if the good people can leave the skin on where it belongs.

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Much to my chagrin, my friends had dragged me down to Nando's; after all, according to him, "it was the first outlet in Singapore". So being the first time there, i ordered the quarter chicken with 2 sides- coleslaw and peri peri fries. And the seasoning? "Mild" Peri peri level.

The chicken lived up to all the hype surrounding it- the meat was juicy, and the flame grilled treatment it was given made it have that very nice "chao ta" taste, something that is so sorely lacking in the so called "grilled chicken" that some places serve up nowadays. I'm proud to say that though not a chicken lover, i finished every single bite of it.

The food was great, but service, on the other hand, was very much terrible, to put it simply. Many reviews have talked about the ppor service already, but this has to be mentioned. For some reason or another, Nando's is a victim of it's own success. Sure, the flame grilled chicken will keep new comers coming again, but people like me who've already tasted it will most probably think twice about patronizing the place again, so much so when there's a queue to get in.

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