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4.59ct Lustrous Mint Greenish Tourmaline 5.50ct Hot striking oval Pink Rubelite for Earring 15ct Pink Violet Afghanistan Kunzite for Earring 19.06ct Blueish Green Tourmaline Cushion for Pendant or Ring 18.48ct Bolivian Amethyst Octagon 23.28ct Mandarine Citrine Octagon for Ring or Pendant 2.04ct Royal Blue Sapphire Cushion for Ring 56.98ct Blue Topaz for Pendant 2.13ct Unheated Rich Blue Sapphire for Ring 5.43ct - Lusturous Yellow Sapphire
About Us

Started in 1968 in Hong Kong and established in Singapore in 1982 by myself (Dr. Abdul Bari), Nazim Brothers Pte Ltd its specialization in the gemtrade over the four decades for its sourcing of quality fine gemstones for our loyal customers and its constant concentration for loupe clean, full lustre - calibrated stones, gem collection pieces certified, ravishing pairs & beautiful layouts, has made our stones simply perfect. We always stock for collections of Zambian Emeralds, Ceylon Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Vietnam Pink Sapphire, and Burmese Ruby and wide range of Semi-precious.

We are also proud to be an ICA member and Ambassador to Singapore for ICA, we participate in ICA pavilion shows such as Hong Kong and other shows worldwide as Tucson GLDA, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangkok and Srilanka. Please feel free to inform us your requirements, if there is something specially (such as shape, size, special cut, price range etc.), you are interested in, so that we would prepare and bring along the goods to deliver at the shows. Goods would also be sent through post according to rules and regulations.

Creating business perfection is within our reach. Creating a loupe clean personal relationship is not just a business matter, but it is a gift. If it clicks,we can continue our business relationship fruitfully with mails, fax and FedEx.

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