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Pavillion Restaurant
Nestled in the heart of Chinatown and situated along the finest eateries belt in Singapore, Pavillion Restaurant elegantly stood amongst her fine rivals and offers a range of authentic and traditional cantonese cuisine to all who walk through her doors.

Pavillion Restaurant started her maiden operation in January 2010. With Chef Chan Hwan Kee putting his best culinary skill in the kitchen to satisfy even the most fastidous diners. The ambience and decor of the restaurant will keep her diners busy looking around while waiting for their fine cuisine to be served
Lim Grace Awesome place with 21 Dec 2012 00:03:49
Products & Services
At Pavillion Restaurant, Chef Chan has melded his experiences together to create a modern Chinese dining experience. Besides a strict principle of using only the freshest ingredients, their philosophy is to cook from the heart.

Innovations on the menu include Crispy Prawn in Hawthorn Sauce, Peking Duck and Pan-seared Foie Gras, Chilled Homemade Bean Curd with Red Cherry Shrimp and Century Egg and Double Boiled Chicken Essence Soup with Sharks Fin and Morilles-morels.

- Modern Cantonese Cuisine

20 Craig Road 089692
Tel : 6557 2820
2 Bukit Manis Road 099891
Tel : 6371 1421
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Awesome place with great dimsums and good services.
Had dinner with some friends and this was my favorite! Shrimp!
Quality of food here is good and presentation is nicely done. Especially their salted egg prawn.
For great chinese food, this is the place to try. Ensure you order the peking duck, steamed fish and wasabi mayo shrimp.
Food seems attractive~wanna go n have a try~
family concept fine dining! super cosy and fast service!! the salted egg prawns were to die for!
Foreword: If you just want a short recommendation, based on experience, I suggestnot to eat here. Service was bad, location was not exactly accessible, and most importantly, the food. I can\'t believe they call it that. Just earlier tonight I went to The Pavillion with 4 of my friends to celebrate one of our friend\'s birthday. We found out about this hidden place (note: not hidden treasure, in my opinion not even fit to be called a restaurant) via a deal website where we purchased 5 coupons for the buffet dinner, promising 70 different dishes that sounded excellent. There was to be Shark\'s Fin Soup (but only limited to one per person, and mutually exclusive of another "recommended" soup). We paid about $30 for each coupon (for that supposedly discounted price, the quality we expected was no doubt of a certain level). I mean, come on, for $30 you could even get an awesome high-tea buffet at some TungLok group restaurant. Our expectations were moderate to say the least. This was excluding our tea and micellaneous things, which added up to another $15. Alas, it was a terrible experience. It is so bad that not only do I vow not to go back there, I feel it is my duty to convey the extent of my disgust. What appalled me was both the food and the service. Only one a4 black-and-white menu was given to us, and when we asked for more, only one more was provided. First, let me elaborate on the speed of the dishes served. There were only 4 tables of diners at the restaurant, yet each one of our dishes took an excruciatingly painfullong waiting time to arrive, substandard and badly presented. Nevertheless, we anticipated a burst of flavours oozing from the first bite we took. Our first dish was vegetables with abalone. We were disappointed. The abalone was measly, like a 3cm x 1cm piece for each of us. And it wasn\'t even genuine! The second dish came after another, say, 15 minutes? (and this was like a cold dish -- jellyfish -- or as we tasted, bland rubber). Dish after dish, our stomachs became like a cesspool where things not fit to be called food were taken in. The kailan left a bad aftertaste, it had a burnt smell -- and not the nice burnt smell from the zichar stores. The fried sotong -- even the next table commented ("kazhua"). Their fish slices were of such an inferior quality that they tasted like flour or fish paste. Their cereal prawns were prawns hidden in some soggy matter that not only wasn\'t crunchy, didn\'t even resemble cereal. The Shark Fin\'s soup, it was just yellowed starch solution with wisps of fish maw. Their specialty came looking like fishcake. We couldn\'t identify the dishes. The carrot cake was so slipshod even I could thaw the pieces from NTUC and heat them up myself. Even while we hoped the desserts would redeem themselves, nothing did. The only remotely passable dish was steamed fish (which each table could only order once), and even this was not well cleaned nor fresh. Some of our orders were not even delivered, so we had to order multiple times. They also delivered the wrong item at least twice, and sulked when we politely told them it might be delivered wrongly. Then I assume they got annoyed at us and decided to give us the ultimatum and delivered a humongous plate of noodles fit for 10 persons. All the staff (with the exception of one good natured man) kept staring at us and hovering around, rushing us to finish eating quickly. We could clearly see them mocking our behaviour and talking about us in mandarin. Even the manager. I am horrified, what kind of standard is he setting for his staff? At the end of our dinner, they were terribly rude. All in all, i vow never to set foot in this restaurant ever again, and all I can say is that this review represents my honest opinion. I would rather eat macdonalds. I do not write negative reviews as I believe people have their off days, but the combination of bad food and disgusting service is more than I can take. The food leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and in my mind.Spending: Approximately SGD 35(Dinner)
As we are dimsum lover once a week we normally hunt for dimsums....so been trying other places too but we love din tai fung till we found out these pavilion restaurant serves very nice dimsums as well...Service is good they are friendly and they are prompt of removing your empty plates as well...Yes it is an awesome place with great dimsums indeed! I will go back here with my other friends....Spending: Approximately SGD 30(Dinner)
Chinese Fine dining!! Really delicious food... went with 3 friends and all of us enjoy the meal alot!
should try this one.. the crab looks tasty
nice place and delicious food
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