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About Us


Plush believes in using only the highest quality products to insure that your service will last. We only use specially selected renown brand that we believe will provide our clients with the best holistic nail services.

Products: OPI, Harmony Gelish , Poshe, Odyssey Nail Systems, Biotone


Plush was founded on two principals:

1) You can experience superior nail care in a beautiful, comfortable environment at value for money prices

2) It must be clean.

Plush sanitation and sterilization standards far exceed the guidelines established. Our instruments are sterilized immediately after use. Our 3 steps sanitization process uses heat and chemical sterilization system, which is a hospital and tuberculocidal disinfectant, provides broad spectrum protection: bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, staphylocidal, pseudomonacidal, tuberculocidal and prevents cross contamination from all metal salon instruments. Our spa tubs are cleaned with a hospital grade disinfectant cleaner after every client and again nightly. Our facility reflects our commitment to cleanliness in all areas.

Plush strongly believes in the welfare of our customers. Each customer service is done with a new nail file, a new buffer and a new toe separator . As these implements cannot be sterilized,so they are yours to take with you for each and every visits.


Our professional staffs is there to ensure that your experience at Plush is rivaled by none and are there to assist you and other clients before, during, and after your treatments. We think this makes for good business as it provides for a spa atmosphere and our clients can give us honest feedback about their experience. We listen to you. Plush only hires highly trained technicians to perform all services. Nail technicians receive additional training in “Plush technique” so that you will always receive a quality, consistent service with each visit.

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