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Here at PowerMoves Pilates in the Park, our Pilates instructors have a genuine concern for your needs and goals, and want you to feel fitter, look better and ultimately lift your entire spirit. Our instructors will work with you so that your Pilates sessions are deeply engaging, surprisingly relaxing and yet always challenging enough so that your body is able to realise its full potential. Making a difference in someone�s life is pretty amazing, and this is the joy our Pilates instructors derive from teaching you and working out with you through the Pilates method, at PowerMoves Pilates Singapore.

Products & Services
Here at PowerMoves Pilates-in-the-Park, one of the most beautiful studios in the world, we offer:
  • Pilates Matwork classes (8 in a class)
  • Pilates Reformer classes (limited to 4 persons @ Bishan Park & 6 persons @ Dempsey Hill, in a class)
  • Private and Duet Pilates classes (1 or 2 in a class)
  • Unlimited Matwork ($498/- per month, for this month only!)
Every Pilates session with PowerMoves will help you strengthen and tighten the muscles holding your body together. Immediately, Pilates will stretch your body and elongate your muscles, teach your mind focus and body awareness, and recharge you so you feel positively different!
1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 569931
Tel : 6455 2221
6 Dempsey Road 249683
Tel : 6472 2221
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Enjoy too much goodies during the CNY ? Its time to workout and loss those extra kgs. Join PowerMoves Pilate in the park for a more fitter you. Few classes to choose from : - Pilates matwork and reformer are conducted in small classes while private and Duet pilates are for 1 to 2 in a class.
Live a healthier life and start doing yoga with them! Calms your mind and also relieves your body from the daily stress that you face.