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Award-winning PsyAsia International provides online psychometric tests, aptitude tests and personality assessments, employee screening, psychologist assessment & interview services, human resource training and HR consulting. We work across Asia-Pacific, using highly qualified and experienced organisational psychologists. Our world-class solutions and focus on scientific, evidence-based psychology at the core of our Human Resource Training and Business Psychology Consulting separates us from competitors in the HR field and has won us numerous Quality & Excellence Awards.

Psychometric Tests which have been well designed and have proven reliability and validity are excellent tools for companies globally.

Psychometric Assessment in Asia has been growing at a steady rate for many years. Psychometric Tests include aptitude tests and personality assessments. They are used in recruitment and selection, as well as for leadership development and executive development, careers advice and team building.

There are many suppliers of psychometric tests online and there is much variance in the quality both of the tests that they offer, and in the support or consultancy services they provide. The psychometric assessment market in Asia is not currently regulated and so many of those who sell tests do so with a very basic understanding of the principles behind the tests.

PsyAsia International is a premier provider of psychometric tests with offices in Singapore and Hong Kong and clients all over Asia. We established in 2002 with a mission to make psychometric testing in Asia better, by offering the best aptitude and personality tests and supporting the sale of psychometric tools with world-class consultancy from competent, experienced and registered organizational psychologists.

Our psychometric assessments and psychometric consultancy services are used and respected all over Asia. We can assist in selection, development and team-building as well as individual career exploration and counselling. Our psychologists work on projects with many levels of staff, ranging from C-suite Leaders to Middle Management, Executives and both white and blue collar workers.

PsyAsia International teams with the best world-class test publishers to provide the following personality assessments for use in employee selection and development, team-building and coaching, as well as for individual career development and counselling. Most tests can be administered online. There are many personallity tests available on the market and many of them lack scientific rigour in their design or are being sold by those with just a few days of training in personality testing! PsyAsia's tests are designed with scientific rigour and fully evaluated by our PhD-Level psychologists before the decision is made to partner with a test publisher. The tests are then supported locally in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China by our fully registered organisational psychologists.

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