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Ready Software developed user-friendly, windows and web-based applications to improve the efficiency and productivity of both large and small companies in the areas of payroll, human resource, administration, accounting and employee self-service e-solutions. These systems are developed by CPAs who understand the business process and your requirements.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to give our customers quality software and prompt support. Our corporate mission is to deliver "Quality Software with Superior Services". Customers are invited to email their suggestions for improvements and request for new features in the software. Enhancements and popular features are incorporated in the software as annual enhancement upgrades.

1) Ready Pay - payroll and employee personal system

2) Ready Staff - human resource management system

3) Ready Leave - online leave application and approval system

4) Ready PayAdvice - online access to pay advice and IR8A

5) Ready Email - email password secured e-payslip and IR8A

6) Ready Claim - online claim application and approval system

7) Ready Timesheet - online timesheet and interface with time recorder

8) Ready Notice Board - online posting of notices & circulars via internet or intranet

9) Ready Form - online forms and documents submission

10) Ready Asset - fixed asset management and tracking system

11) Ready Asset Audit - tracks fixed asset using barcode scanner and print discrepancies


Ready Pay payroll system saves you time and effort and ensures that payroll is processed accurately and promptly. Ready Pay includes automatic calculations of overtime, allowances, bonuses, shift premiums, paid and unpaid leave deductions, pay revision with MVC and back pay calculations, multi-job costing of payroll cost, salary and bonus projectors and prorating. It is flexible with user-defined parameters, formulas, customizable fields and reports with export to excel, print pay slips, management reports and government reports like IR8A, IR8S, App A & B and IR21. Include banks GIRO and e-submission to CPF Board and IRAS auto inclusion. Good security that encrypt confidential salary data and control users’ access. Audit trial that track changes to database. Support multi-currency payroll.

Ready Staff Human Resource system is an ideal tool for HR professionals who need to keep better employee information but lack the time. Ready Staff helps you to maintain full details of employee resume including job history and experience, qualifications and education, skills inventory, family achievements and awards. It equips human resource with management functions like performance appraisals, training scheduling, training budget, manpower planning, salary scales and increments, career progression and development of career path. Helps efficient administration of leave entitlements, leave administration, leave costing, benefits, track training cost, loans, medical cost control, accidents and insurance claims, disciplinary actions and counseling, including assets on loans to employees. Ready Staff comes with powerful query and reporting with export data to excel. Customizable fields, report generator and letter writer give users a lot of flexibility for future requirements. Prompt to alert HR of key events as reminder for action.

Ready Leave is an online leave application and approval system that allows employees to apply leave and managers to approve leave anytime and anywhere (24/7) via web-browser. As a self-service system, it allows employee to view their own (and managers to view their staff) leave entitlements, leave balances, leave history, attach and view documents to support their applications and view company policy. Managers receive email notifications of employee applications and employees receive email notifications of leave approved. It is developed in the latest technology in Microsoft ASP.Net and SQL database.

Ready PayAdvice allows employees to online access their pay advice and IR8A to view or print. They can access via the enterprise network or internet via URL https with additional encryption/authentication. Employee can retrieve past month’s pay slips.

Ready Email helps payroll administrator to effortlessly distribute pay slips by mass email e-pay slip and IR8A with password secured and allow employees to either print or save the soft copy secured with password. A very cost effective way to go paperless.

Ready Claim allows employees to submit claim applications of all types of claims such as travel expense, medical claim, with capping via web browser. Managers receive email notification of claim submissions and employees receive notification of claims approved. You can set limits for amount that an employee can claim and set limits that a manager can approve.

Ready Timesheet interface with time recorder and calculates overtimes hours, unpaid leave and shift allowances according to working schedule and conditions and post to ReadyPay for payroll processing. It has the option to allow employee to submit timesheet online by cost centers.

Ready Asset fixed asset management system covers the entire life cycle of the assets from the day you purchase to the day you dispose them. Ready Asset calculates and projects depreciation and capital allowance over the entire life span of the assets. Allocates depreciation across multiple cost centers for accounting purpose. Compares actual with budgeted capital expenditure for variance reports. Tracks asset movements and transfers, disposal profit and loss including partial disposal, prompts warranties, maintenance and insurance renewal, records repair and running cost for cost control. Keeps record in multiple currencies and user-defined depreciation methods. Prints many pre-designed and user-defined reports for accounting, tax and year-end audit and labels. Ready Asset-Audit extends the power of Ready Asset by introducing barcode asset labels to perform physical asset auditing using handheld laser scanner. It eliminates the tediousness of physical asset auditing exercise by scanning selected asset barcode labels into the scanner and returned scanned list to PC after the exercise for automatic assets reconciliation. Prints discrepancies reports that list missing assets and prints barcode label.


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