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Rejoice Employment has 15 years of experience in foreign domestic workers’ recruiting and training. Do not worry as all of them are equipped with the best skills and knowledge. Call them now!
an employment service company that focuses on overseas manpower import, which services include foreign domestic worker, foreign worker and talents' resouce
REJOICE self-owned FDW Training Centre (RTC) provides all the selected FDWs standard housework training for a term of 2 months, for helping them to be qualified domestic workers before entering into their prospective employer families.
skillful and friendly maids. price are rather reasonable and their maids are very responsible and efficient in doing their works. they also catch up new stuff pretty quick.
They are particular in providing good service and experience to their customers, definitely the right place if you are looking for reliable and skilled helper.
They provide flexible and friendly housekeeping services which cater to your needs...besides, they have over 7 customer service centres all around in Singapore !
they provide friendly and reliable services to help you get a good helper for your home
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