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At Rocktone Music Chamber, we are sensitive to the needs and learning styles of each individual student. The instructors’ patience and enthusiasm will compel you to your next level of playing. As a learner, you will be trained in the many aspects of performance and interpretation, studio setup, sound recording, sound processing, etc.
CS Yuen Ppl who knows 27 Nov 2013 13:39:22
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Ppl who knows musical instruments are so charming! Am I right?! hell yea. Go visit Rocktone Music Chamber Pte Ltd, they have professional instructor and you will definitely getting pro on it!
Now you can achieve your rockstar dreams by taking the first step and learning to play instruments from guitar, drums, and even vocal training for that little Whitney Houston in you.
All music lessons available here at Rocktone Music Chamber. Flexible class schedule, taught by full-time qualified instructors.
This music school exudes friendship and goodwill. Passionate instructors, quality lessons, generous attitude, friendly atmosphere, flexible time schedule and a great jamming room for students to play as a band. Highly recommended for fun learning with serious approach to your aspiration to be a musician.
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