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Sandbox Advisors SANDBOX ADVISORS is a career management, job search and human resource (HR) consulting firm that helps people achieve optimal levels of enjoyment and success in their careers. Through our up-to-date academic research, proven career strategies and HR insights, we have successfully tailored careers and HR solutions for: INDIVIDUALS who are seeking guidance in identifying ideal career options, changing careers, searching for a job and enhancing their performance at the workplace. Their goal is to have both success and satisfaction at work. ORGANISATIONS that are looking for a reliable partner to enhance their HR practices with sophisticated recruitment & selection, training/ development and outplacement support. The aim to ensure that they hire and retain the best people, to create a high quality leadership pipeline, which is one of the keys for outperformance.
Products & Services
  • Career guidance & discovery: Identifying ideal career options
  • Transition & job search management: Resume makeovers, interview preparation, job search training
  • Well-being & advancement: Stress/conflict/people/team management, presentation & communication, leadership and any other work issues
  • Employment selection
  • Career planning & development for organisations
  • Outplacement

SANDBOX ADVISORS is a career advisory and human resource (HR) consulting firm.
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