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Seb's Bistro & The Playhouse (Rochester House) KIDSdineFREE Reviews Events Settings - Bernard Teo Chill with a set dinner on 31 Dec 2011 and let us entertain you and welcome the new year!
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Seb's Bistro & The Playhouse

Nestled in Rochester Park is Seb’s Bistro & The Playhouse. Founded in 2010, at first sight, it was the combination of the best of both worlds-food and play- that gave The Owner the inspiration to launch the most family oriented hang out in Singapore. A place where parents can dine-in, while the kids play-in!

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Seb's Bistro & The Playhouse is the place to chill and sway away from the bustling city. Perfect place to be with your family while dining in a romantic setting with the husband/wife while kids are in The Playhouse! Peaceful dinner while your kids are within sight. Ladies & Gentlemen who need to chillax, come play pool and darts over food and drinks! We provide a perfect setting for weddings and events with an alfresco difference. Seb’s Bistro sets itself apart with its sizeable yet comfortably cozy garden. Its Colonial background coupled with surrounding greenery, provides a lovely backdrop for occasions that desire a space with a little something different. The garden, nestling the colonial building, is ideal for brunch meetings, afternoon tea parties, sunset ceremonies and evening dining delights.

We have organized nermerous birthday parties, hosted by our experienced staffs. We commit to giving our best to bring you the most unforgettable birthday party you ever had. We want to be a part of your childhood memories!

  • Weekend Grilled Australian Prime O.P. Rib
  • Pastas
  • Salads
  • Duck Confit
  • Stella Artois Beer Braised Lamb Shank with Mashed Potato
  • Confit of Calamari with Prawn Sauce
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Where kids and parents can enjoy at the same time!
French bistro food avaliable
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