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Chinatown Shanghai Kitchen

Shanghai food or Shanghai cuisine, features the best cuisines of more than 10 cities in China, integrating Northern and Southern China flavours. Chinese Shanghai Kitchen House specialize in braised and stir-fried dishes, giving our diners healthy options with a home-cooked flavour. Our fish dishes a delicious, special fish sauce that leaves you wanting more.


Kuku Kaka Chinese cuisine 18 Aug 2014 22:45:04
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Chinese cuisine restaurant. Located at Chinatown which is a very ideal for Chinese restaurant. They serve famous Shanghai dishes, which my colleague's recommended. Their portion is bigger than others, so is ideal place to dine in for big group of people. They do always have sit, as their service is fast and big place. Do try them out, you won't regret.
Pamper yourself at Chinatown with your family. Great family style restaurant.
If you would like to find a places to have all your favorite Shanghai cuisines, Chinatown Shanghai Kitchen is the good place to recommend to you. They are different from other shanghai restaurant with their characteristics of integrating Northern and Southern China flavours and also specialize in braised and stir-fried dishes, giving our diners healthy options with a home-cooked flavour.
must try their sweet sour fish... very nice !!! :)
Delicious Shanghai food can be found here!
Wow.. Good nice snacks that goes well with harbin beer :) shanghai rice cake yummy...
It's Harbin beer is good.. Burp
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