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S P Jain School of Global Management since its inception has been ranked amongst the top 10 business schools in India for its MBA programs.

In 2004, S P Jain decided to focus on global learning, and with this objective, the first international campus was set up in Dubai. S P Jain has been ranked No.1 in UAE in a Brand Perception Audit conducted by A C Nielsen in 2008.

Within a short span, it carved a niche in quality management education.

And In 2005, S P Jain was invited by the Singapore Government to establish a campus in Singapore. It continued its legacy in management education and set up its Singapore campus in 2006.

Building on this successful track record for MBA programs, S P Jain took a step forward and launched its first Global BBA Program in 2010 with the focus of imparting complete education and inculcating a global mindset at an undergraduate level. A new campus is now being established in Sydney, Australia, which would be functional for students in 2012.

S P Jain has thus, through contemporary pedagogy and industry relevant curriculum, moved from strength to strength, to emerge as one of the premier global business schools.

S P Jain, through contemporary pedagogy and industry relevant curriculum, moved from strength to strength, to emerge as one of the premier global business schools.
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S P Jain School of Global Management offers Tuition Fee Scholarships to Meritorious Students. There would be various levels of scholarship granted. This will be decided based on the applicant’s profile - academics, nationality, interview, time of application (applying sooner would increase the chance of scholarship). All students receiving scholarships will need to score high GPAs and meet the Code of Conduct requirements.

Requests for scholarship can be sent by mail to Ms Rashmi Udaykumar
S P Jain School of Global Management | 10, Hyderabad Road | Near junction of Alexandra and Depot Road | Singapore 119579
Tel: + 65 62704748
Email: rashmi.udaykumar@spjain.org

S P Jain's GBBA program is a uniquely crafted, four-year program for undergraduates. Candidates study at S P Jain's campuses in three* dynamic cities - Dubai, Sydney, and Singapore. Studying, living, and interacting with corporates in three cities on three continents exposes candidates first-hand to different business environments and cultures, enhancing experiential learning.

Besides the academic rigor of the program, there is emphasis on attributes like leadership, character, decision making, and personal effectiveness. Students are taught to think innovatively, globally, and to go beyond perceived limitations.

At the end of the program, S P Jain's multinational Corporate Relations Offices in India, UAE, China, Singapore, and Australia assist graduates in securing promising careers with top organizations. The S P Jain BBA is fully accredited and recognized in Australia.

S P Jain's MGB program is a sixteen-month, tri-city program.

Students spend four months each at S P Jain's campuses in Dubai, Singapore and Sydney, followed by a four-month internship, which can be pursued in any geography. Students specialize in Finance, Marketing or Logistics.

IBWM specialization commences Trimester J in Singapore and completes Trimester III in Dubai. CMM and GLSCM specializations commence Trimester I in Dubai and complete Trimester Ill in Singapore. All students go to Sydney for Trimester II.

This program ensures students are challenged to think; improve their cognitive, analytical, and creative skills; and emerge with innovative solutions. Students will also learn to appreciate, accept, and adapt to a multinational state of mind, and to make decisions that take advantage of global choices. The tri-city model is life-changing, and exclusive to S P Jain.

S P Jain's GMBA program is a rigorous, one-year, full-time residential program, designed for a mature group of participants with a minimum of three years' work experience. The program operates on a unique, twin-city model, with participants spending six months in Dubai and six months in Singapore.

The program is designed to help graduates become effective decision makers and communicators, both required of today's leaders. Our curriculum is progressive and taught by world-class faculty. It emphasizes an engaged-learning approach in which the classroom functions as a business laboratory with case-studies, discussions, simulations, as well as exercises that stimulate candidates' interaction. The coursework enables them to apply and improve their cognitive, analytical, creative, and leadership skills.

A number of top companies engage senior students in projects. Participants work in close collaboration with the executives of these companies. These projects serve as a platform to put classroom learning into practice.

S P Jain has six multinational corporate relations offices, with a seventh opening soon. These are located in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, and (in 2012) Sydney. Participants can choose where they wish to work!

S P Jain's EMBA program is a flexible, modular program designed to meet the needs of high-achieving professionals who wish to enhance their education without interrupting their careers. With three progressive specializations and a quality dissertation, the program elevates the candidates' business acumen, thereby giving them a edge in their career paths.

By definition we are all limited by the knowledge we possess. Our actions and decisions are based on what we know. As we build our careers, life's pressures often throw us into the daily grind of our jobs, leaving scarce time to build our knowledge base, update ourselves with new management skills and keep abreast with today's fast-changing business practices.

Have you considered how much more effective you could be if you were to acquire the latest and most relevant knowledge and skills with S P Jain? S P Jain School for Global Management for Executive Education at Dubai and Singapore offer cutting edge programs in various areas of management that are conducted by distinguished professors and industry practitioners who are experts in their fields and are armed with the latest thinking. They can help you learn quickly and effectively.

Programs cover management techniques, benchmarking, interpreting data and creative thinking. In addition, training in soft skills and attitude are provided to lead people effectively and confidently. S P Jain's management workshops and simulations help you practice decision making in a friendly and safe environment.

S P Jain offers open enrolment programs and customized programs. All three campuses have well equipped training and catering facilities and are available for hire to organizations for their own in-house programs.

  1. Campus wide WIFI - Hi speed Wireless Internet Access
  2. State of art “smart” classrooms with audio, video and recording/playback technology
  3. Auditorium style Lecture Theatres
  4. Electronic Libraries and Management Databases
  5. Live recording and playback of lectures
  6. Advanced learning Management software
  7. Business lounges for students' use

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S P Jain, through contemporary pedagogy and industry relevant curriculum, moved from strength to strength, to emerge as one of the premier global business schools.
S P Jain is a great place for people who have higher dreams.
new programme introduced as Global MGB. Able to learn about Finance, Marketing or Logistics. Students get to study oversea too. A very good experience while studying.
According to financial times S p Jain is listed as the top 10 business school in Asia. They offer part time MBA for working adults too
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