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About Us
We invite you to relish in the authentic taste of Thai cuisine in our homely and cozy restaurant or if you wish, at your home or office with our catering service. And if you would like to, you can dine under the stars at our cozy, air conditioned landscaped courtyard situated within the indoor premises.
I have been to Suanthai couple of times. They serve authentic Thai cuisine in a comfortable ambience which is both cosy and homely, Every dish is tantalizingly good and perfectly satisfying. Yummy!
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23 Oct 2014 17:43:17
I stumbled upon this restaurant because I saw a deal online that attracted me. This Thai restaurant offers a la carte style buffet or a la carte dining itself, but as the a la carte price is rather high, most would go there for their buffet. The buffet includes a great variety of dishes, including pineapple rice, salad, tom yum, green curry, chicken, fish and vegetables. But there is a huge catch, some of these dishes you can only order once, and that\'s it. No more, even though it is supposed to be a "buffet". The dishes that are nice are the prawn tom yum soup, the stuffed chicken wing, the satay, the pandan leaf chicken and the fried squid. These dishes also so happened to be the dishes that you can only order once. The dishes that you can really keep on ordering or eating are basically just the chicken tom yum soup, green curry, salad, rice or vegetable dishes. All the nice dishes cannot be ordered twice, so after a while, I found myself having no idea what to eat next, even though I am not full yet. Don\'t be fooled by my pictures, those dishes are all meant for 6 people, ie. the 6-person portion is just 6 satays, 6 chicken wings, 6 pieces of pandan chicken etc., meaning one each only. The other dishes are not really nice either, and they don\'t really remind you of thai food. The other meat and vegetable dishes really resemble more of typical Chinese stir fried style, such as stir fried kailan with salted fish, chicken with eggplant, sweet and sour fish etc. So I really doubt the point of going to a Thai "buffet" and keep having some not so fabulous non Thai dishes. I find it quite pointless really, to have an ala carte style buffet but most of your good dishes cannot be ordered second round. Really pointless. Rather frustrating too. I would rather they charge a higher price for their buffet if they are concerned about the cost. They do not have any variety of drinks as well. You can just have ice water or add 2 dollars for free flow of ice lemon tea, which is just normal and not really a Thai drink either. My verdict: Ban! Don\'t go! Might as well go some place where you pay your money to eat real ala carte dishes or real buffet.Spending: Approximately SGD 20
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