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At Texas Chicken, we serve high quality, flavourful chicken, made from a unique recipe created by none other than George W Church himself some 60 years ago.
Amazing variety of fried chicken meal which can be compared to other fast food restaurants. Tasty n crispy meat is roasted tender and set meals a bit expensive but still ok. Foung out that their fried chicken don't really have lots of oil dripping when you have them so it's kind of good compare to some other fast food chain. Outlets are widely spreaded over singapore. It's a place that I would recomend for those chicken lovers.
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23 Dec 2013 18:20:07
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Nex #04-18/19/20, 23 Serangoon Central 556083
Tel 6634 2130
Singapore Expo Outside Hall 4, #01-42, 1 Expo Drive 486150
Tel 6782 9883
Tampines Mall #04-23/24/25/26, 4 Tampines Central 5 529510
Tel 6783 5373
Causeway Point #01-14/15, 1 Woodlands Square 738099
Tel 6894 8677
Changi Airport Terminal 1 Departure Transit Lounge East Central Level 3, #03-47, 80 Airport Boulevard 819642
Tel 6542 4741
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Amazing variety of fried chicken meal which can be compared to other fast food restaurants. Tasty n crispy meat is roasted tender and set meals a bit expensive but still ok. Foung out that their fried chicken don't really have lots of oil dripping when you have them so it's kind of good compare to some other fast food chain. Outlets are widely spreaded over singapore. It's a place that I would recomend for those chicken lovers.
Love the biscuit topped with ice cream! :)
I never failed to get my meal at Texas Changi Point when I visit expo. :)
The fried chicken is so crispy, completed with the super tasty french fries.
Kiddie meal for $ 4.80 =)
Fried chicken heaven! Yummy! This fast food joint offers everything with fried chicken! Love the burgers!
indeed the greatest deal ever only $3.50 now!:)
Texas chicken. Crispy and spicy. Just the way I like it.
The service is quite fast and good.
Super value meal@5.90 only at their new outlet at the star vista
Bug and crispy fried chicken only from texas chicken:) enjoyed their mashed potato with gravy too:)
Love the biscuits! Buttery taste, crunchy on the outside, so tender in the inside :)
Ramadan Family Bundle....
Juicy chicken burger for $1.90 only, every monday.
The chicken here may be quite big in portion but may not be towards my liking as they are quite salty in taste.The chicken which fortunately are very soft and chewy, which is also not too oily.Do not really appreciate why this stall need to stand by so many fried chicken in their warmer cabin, which result in most of the chicken to turn cold very fast.Moreover sometimes they standard french fries to cater for custonmers as well which results cold fries serve to customers as well.
We stopped by Texas Chicken for the first time & decided to try out their food. The ambience & layout is like any other fast food joint. We looked at their menu & decided to try out their spicy chicken combo, which came with a drink, fries & a biscuit. The Chicken was really tasty. It was fresh, juicy, spicy & well cooked. I enjoyed the fries & a diet coke. It was quite a filling meal. For dessert, we ordered a Biscuit Helado, which is 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with a biscuit topped with Chocolate sauce.......it was yummy all the way. We ended our dinner on a real sweet note.
Another new fried chicken fast food chain, Texas Chicken has openedor relaunched in Singapore after KFC, Popeye and Arnold. I mentioned relaunched because I remembered there was Texas Chicken in the 1980\'s if my memories were correct. Nevertheless, thanks to Select Group, they have brought Texas Chicken to Singapore. Currently they have 2 outlets in Singapore Expo and United Square while the third is going to open in Changi Airport Terminal 1 transit soon.Compare to the other fried chicken chains, the fried chicken at Texas Chicken was less oily. However I thought the chicken lacked the fragrance in their seasoning. The biscuit was nice. I preferred theirs to Popeye. Their biscuit was the hard type while Popeye\'s was soft inside. The coleslaw and mashed potatoes sides were norm while the mashed potatoes had a buttery taste.
Wanted to try their chicken for the longest time to see what is so special about their chicken compared to Popeyes and KFC. True enough! Their chicken was quite good! Ordered the 2 pcs chicken which i thought was really too much for me! But overall it was good and their fries and mash potato was quite good too! Love that the fries are crispy and well cooked! But i thought it was a bit too pricey for fast food. About 7 bucks for a two piece meal
I was invited for a fan party by Texas Chicken to try their fried chicken with packets of spicy chilli satchets. The spiciness of these spicy chilli satchets cannot be unestimated. It is not only spicy but a little salty too. I would be happy to eat the fried chicken by itself and totally leave out these spicy chilli satchets. Do try it if you need a little excitement.
Have you guys tried the new-to-singapore Texas Chicken? I heard from my parents it was long opened in Singapore in the 90s however the business folded for reasons-that-no-one-knows. Just like A&W. Still remember i used to have meals at Ten Mile Junction and the waffle + onion rings are attractive to me. Sadly, not the coke float. Now the only place you can find A&W is Thailand and US? I\'m not sure Malaysia have or not. Texas chicken is Halal for one thing - so its good to have it with your muslim friends of course! A little of the history? It all started in San Antonio, Texas in 1952. George W. Church Sr., a retired incubator salesman with more than 20 years in the poultry industry, conceived the idea of offering freshly cooked, quality fried chicken at a time when only hot dogs and ice cream were marketed fast-food style. Yeah man, it has open since 1952!!! And recently Singapore just introduce it back at 2011? Calculate the year difference! *** BUTTERHONEY BISCUIT!!! Look alike to KFC\'s or notttt!!! Oh by the way, KFC\'s selling it at 80 cents while Texas chicken is selling it at 60 cents! Which is better? - Cheaper : Texas Chicken - Better tasting : I felt its KFC. Texas Chicken\'s honey butter biscuit is very crunchy and sweet (honey-layered) on the outer layer however, the taste and smell of the biscuit inside (its soft - like bread) is very mild. Not sweet enough while KFC\'s honey butter biscuit is not as crunchy but it is equally sweet (honey-layered) on the outer layer and the taste and smell of the biscuit inside (is also soft like bread) is very strong. So if you like not-so-sweet honey buscuit, i suggest you to go for Texas Chicken. But if you like a really-acceptable-sweet honey biscuits, you should go to KFC. Texas Chicken versus KFC - one point each so draw!! If you ask me to pick between Texas Chicken and KFC\'s honey butter biscuits, i\'ll pick KFC.
Hearty chicken burger for just $1.90? Complete the meal with a soft drink and regular side for only $2.30. Available on Mon only.
Texas Chicken nice placeto eat snack every weekends. Their butter bread is so yummy. The chicken comes from different parts and kinds like boneless, wings, thigh, breast, drumstick, spicy etc. Every weekends don\'t be shock of this place is in a long queue and no available sits for you because of the chicken and bread that every customer wants to taste. The place is an open area, and they have also sits outside.Spending: Approximately SGD 10(Other)
1st time trying fried chicken in texas chicken restaurant , the chicken set meal come with coleslaw , french fries and drink . the chicken meat is tender and white in colour , crispy and the chicken is not oily at allalthough the coleslaw come in small portion but taste nice and crunchy. the restaurant also serve chicken tenders , ice cream floats , etc . there is mayo sauce for you to dip in the chicken or french fries Spending: Approximately SGD 7(Lunch)
It is the best chicken fast food restaurant I ever tried; the chicken is tender and nice. It is served hot even there isn’t many people in a Tuesday evening. It is well recommend by my gf therefore I decided to give it a try. Went with my friend after a fair, nothing much in expo for weekday too. It will be a nice event for patrolling Texas chicken.
TEXAS CHIX for dinner with friends. As we are living in Woodlands, the four of us decided to gather awhile in Causeway point to have our dinner. Texas Chix foods is quite similar to Popeyes or KFC because of their fried chicken. I loved their mash potato and chicken alot as it was both very tasty. As compared with KFC, their price was slightly higher but it was still quite affordable. However, when I asked the staff whether I can change my mash potato to normal fries , the replied was no which was quite disappointing for this case. Overall, their foods was nice
Came here to visit the Dong Gan Qing Ming Shang He Tu and dropped by for a quick lunch. As they have a combo set promotion currently, my friend and I ordered one set each.The combo set came with 1 big piece of Chicken Breast and 1 piece ofdrumstick, 1 small cup of coke and 1 small whipped potato. The combo cost $6.90. We thought it was quite good and value for money. The chicken were nicely marinated and well deep fried and tasted better than KFC. Meat was tender. It is on weekday, no much people patrolling, I doubt it is delicious at all, but after the 1st bite, I changed my opinion.Anyway, good that Texas is back here and we have more choices besides KFC. But with the promotion on, I thought it was very good value for money, should not miss! Ambience was ok and good to sit inside as it was very warm outside but the chairs were not comfortable
You may be surprised, it was only my 2nd visit to Texas Chicken in my whole life. However, the 1st time I went to Texas Chicken, I had alrdy fell in love with the mash potato sold there. As I wasnt really very hungry, my friend got 1 set meal and the 2 of us shared it tgt. There were alot of ppl at the fast food restaurant when we got there, and we only managed to find a sit after waiting for a while. The queue was quite long too, so we waited quite some time for that too. When my friend brought the set to the table, I saw that he had ordered a set which came with 2 pieces of chicken (spicy of course, as we both like spicy food), 1 fried bun, 1 mash potato, and a cup of Coke. I didnt like the taste of Coke, so after drinking 1 mouth, the rest were his. 1st thing I grabbed? The mash potato of course, my favourite. The potato melts in your mouth, and the sauce that came with was just perfect. Eating the sauce and potato tgt was a great combination, it tasted oh-so-fabulous! However, my only grouse was that there wasnt enough of the brown sauce to satisfy me. Hehe, I like my potato to be drenched in sauce all over. The chicken was not bad either; crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. It was piping hot and I scalded my fingers a few times while trying to peel off the crispy skin to eat. It was pretty spicy though, so I had to drink a few more sips of Coke. The bun was pretty nice too. I actually put mash potato on it and ate it together, turned out it wasnt so bad! Overall, the chicken was nice, and not too oily too. Mash potato was really nice too.
I was really disappointed after tasting the chicken burger. The chicken somehow tasted like fish, I have no idea how and why. Serving size was small and I had to get more food after finishing it. The vegetables served with it wasn’t fresh, it tasted bitter. I don’t think I will ever get that burger again.
There was a offer for 4 pieces of Texas Chicken for specific days at different outlets of it. This was the first time I am trying Texas chicken. I had 2 pieces of spicy Texas chicken for $4.80. The chicken was very spicy for me. I felt that it was more spicy compared to mcspicy from Mcdonald. However, it was yummy to me, and I am going to eat it again next time.
went down with my boyfriend for dinner a weeks ago and wanted to try the texas chicken. i would say is quite standard, nothing too fantastic but still not too bad, the chicken meat was relatively tender but the portion was a little small. although the place looks relatively big, we had a hard time finding seats. the arrangement of the tables were also not convenient for the customers to move around. and the situation was so bad that i saw a lot of people ordered takeaway and had their meals on the roof top garden
was quite excited to try this new chicken store. first impression on service was BAD cause the queue is super long. i think some serious effort to improve on the waiting time is necessary. chicken wise is ok but portion seem somewhat little cause the chickens are quite small size, i still prefer popeyeSpending: Approximately SGD 8(Dinner)
For the Tex Supreme, the Chicken was very crispy and have a tender texture. The vegetables given was acceptable. Quite a big portion. As for the 2 pieces chicken, the size of the chicken was a little small. But the taste was quite good with a crispy skin and not very oily. Taste was quite similiar to KFC. The colesaw was nice and refreshing, not very waterly. For the smashed potato, the taste was quite strong and a little satly but still acceptable. Overall, quite a good choice for lunch. Queue for ordering was also very long. Waited around 15minutes. Brought this set of meal for promotion and is worth the price.
Headed to Texas Chicken last week. The chicken was not bad! Cripsy and warm and tasty. When eaten together with the chilli sauce, it would feel like you can eat up to 3 pieces! Hahaha. Very filing indeed. Their fries are good too! Just that I thought it was a little too salty for my liking.Spending: Approximately SGD 5
The introduction of Texas Chicken is giving Popeye\'s a good run for its money! The chicken is crisp and delicious. The juicy chicken is able to give Popeye\'s a good run for their money! It is less oiply and has a different and unique taste to it. Definitely a good chicken place to try whenever you have a craving for chicken!
As for the chicken was too oily, dry and soggy, it wasn\'t juicy,crispy and tender at all. The chicken was bland and not well marinated. I ordered the spicy crispy chicken, and some parts you could taste the chilli powder but on the other side of the chicken, it was bland. The biscuit tasted a bit salty and it wasn\'t nicely bake. The mashed potato was so~so~I rather have KFC. I assume the staff preparing the food need improvement to better deep fried chicken or the seasoning was not done right. I definately will not go back again.
Was at Singapore Expo attending a 3 day seminar, and as it starts at 8am, I didn\'t have time for my breakfast. Halfway through the seminar, I couldn\'t take it anymore as I was too hungry, so decided to sneak out for a bite. I thought about my sis who told me she had tried Texas Chicken & it was really nice, so I decided to give it a try. There wasn\'t alot of people in the fast food restaurant, and so I didnt have to queue very long for my order. Order a set which came with 2 pieces of chicken, a mash potato, and a soft drink. For my chicken, I got a spicy & a non-spicy one, while I got a Sprite for my drink. Shared the set with my brother as it was too much for me (hehe, i have a super small appetite). I really loved their mash potato, felt it tasted just rite (was not too salty/bland like some from other fast food restaurants). The chicken meat were really tender, and the skin was nice & crispy. The only thing was that the chicken was really oily, but this is common for many fried food bought from fast food restaurants. Really satisfied with my meal, & i will surely eat at Texas Chicken again!
Orderd their Spicy Fried Chicken The skin of the chicken is very crispy however the meat is abit firm & hard & their chicken really more spicier than other fried chicken I ever ate before Also tried their non spicy chicken but it taste a bit blendless & the chicken was so small The spicy one taste much nicer !!Spending: Approximately SGD 6(Tea)
Just visited this place yesterday, and it was buzzing with lots of hungry customers, had to wait for ages till I got a seat! Well, I tried their Tex Supreme burger meal, and it was quite alright, but nothing to scream about, really. These places are better specialised in their chicken~ Anyway, one thing to really drool upon is their onion rings! Their onion rings are such scrumptious delights, and you\'ll wish you had a never ending supply of it! It\'s just awesome. Oh yes, their desserts are pretty good, if I say so myself. They have this strawberry shortcake with ice cream on top, and it is utterly oozing with goodness! They\'re generous with the amount of strawberries as well, which really makes your money worthwhile.
Brought a set of Double Deal meal shared with my parents. Include 2 pieces chicken, tex supreme, a regular colesaw, smashed potato and 2 drinks. For the Tex Supreme, the Chicken was very crispy and have a tender texture. The vegetables given was acceptable. Quite a big portion. As for the 2 pieces chicken, the size of the chicken was a little small. But the taste was quite good with a crispy skin and not very oily. Taste was quite similiar to KFC. The colesaw was nice and refreshing, not very waterly. For the smashed potato, the taste was quite strong and a little satly but still acceptable. Overall, quite a good choice for lunch. Queue for ordering was also very long. Waited around 15minutes. Brought this set of meal for promotion and is worth the price. Spending: Approximately SGD 12.90(Lunch)
heard from one friend that their chicken was nicer than popeye\'s & just nice boss wanna treat us,so we went to NEX outlet we went during lunch time,there\'s still a lot of empty seat the chicken was not as crispy as popeye\'s chicken not tender,a bit tasteless,blend don\'t think i visit them againSpending: Approximately SGD 10(Lunch)
It will be the last time I have it the second round. I tried the Texas Chicken the first time round at the Expo outlet and that very much left me a good impression. The food taste delicious during my first visit. I was looking for a quick-fix before catching a movie, so I decided to have Texas Chicken.I used to love their Honey Butter Biscuits, the biscuit here tasted a bit salty and it wasn\'t nicely bake - too soft; scrap dropped everywhere. Chicken portions was not adequate for a meal, it wasn\'t juicy, crispy, tender at all. And for the price of it, I rather have KFC!The Potatoes tasted burn, too overly cook. With the sauce it wasn\'t helping at all. Overall, quite a let down. This is a fast food chain that you have to try your luck with, some day it taste good, some day it just don\'t taste nice. It is not like KFC which hold their standard no matter which outlet you visit.
Tampines Central is a fast food heaven and Texas Chicken is one of the newer additions. The chicken was very spicy and I do not recommend dipping chilli to eat. Besides that, the chicken is very crispy and tender on the inside. Frankly speaking, I think the chicken tastes similar to KFC and Popeyes. However, I think the size of the chicken seem smaller. The biscuit is soft and the top is slightly crispy but lacks the buttery taste. The mash potato is not very smooth and the gravy has a very strong pepper taste.
It was lunch time and I was at going to buy some stuff at Singapore Expo and stumbled upon the Texas Chicken Outlet.Out of curiosity, I decided to check it out, having eaten KFC for years, and then Popeyes.The queue was long but that did not deter me from getting a taste of the new addition in town. The spicy chicken meal I ordered suited the taste buds well that day.I love the level of fire in the chicken, the tenderness of the meat, and the fries were excellent except I felt the sides were too small.Overall, it was also not as oily as KFC which is great.
Texas Chicken is a new joint that I tried the other day. The outlet at Nex looks big but the seating area is a little squeezy. The Chicken tenders were huge and generous portions, while the Wrap was filled to capacity with chicken and vegetables.The mashed potato and coleslaw were equally good. I will definitely be back for more.Spending: Approximately SGD 8(Dinner)
This is the famous Church\'s Chicken from the US but it\'s known as Texas Chicken here. I was excited when spotted this outlet after a movie preview at nex. I went after 9 pm but it was still rather crowded. I decided to join the queue and waited for 15 minutes to be served with my foods. Having tasted the Church\'s Chicken in US, i expected it to be good but i ended up feeling disappointed. The chicken pieces were unexpectedly oily and soggy. The coleslaw was rather nice though. My first time experience at Texas Chicken was a disappointing one. I might go back again someday to try it once more.
This texas chicken is my first time trying at tampines mall, the chicken is tender and also crispy. This is come with crisply and orginal too, but i take the crispy because it taste alittle spicy too. The price wise is alittle pricey compare to kfc but the chicken is alittle bigger portion. Customer service is good and friendly, que-ing is quite fast and the shop is very clean and there\'s a basin for you to wash your hand after and before food !!I will go back again !!
Saw this NEW Fast food outlet apart from the usual MAC and KFC , thus decided to have a try. I ordered a promotion meal for only $5.50 of fish burger with drink and coleslaw, which i think is very affortable The different in Texas burger as compared with Mac is the sauce used by them. One point i like about the burger is also the big pieces of Cabbages which provides a crispy feeling for very bites. Do have a try when you past by United Square. Hint: the sauce and serviette are self-service too !Spending: Approximately SGD 5.50
Was at Nex and wanted to get the promotion set for dinner. The Ultimate Value meal comes with 1 piece of chicken, 2 piece tenders, 1 biscuit, 1 mashed potato and 1 drink. The best part is that it costs only $4.90. The service is quite good. The staff gave many packets of chilli sauce. I had the spicy chicken. The meat is very tender and moist. A bit salty though but still very nice. The 2 pieces of tenders are not too dry. The mashed potato is thicker as not as smooth when compared to KFC, but the gravy is also thicker. What I like best is the biscuit. It got a very buttery taste, salty but vey nice. The best I had tried so far. Just for their biscuit, I will definitely go back again. Spending: Approximately SGD 4.90(Dinner)
Tried the spicy fried chicken and it was VERY VERY spicy..even though i take spicy food but it was too much for me...didn\'t quite enjoy it
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