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The Line The Line (Shangri-La Hotel) The Line (Shangri-La Hotel) The Line (Shangri-La Hotel) The Line (Shangri-La Hotel)
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The line offers international cuisine featured at 16 theatre kitchens, while the bar offers a large selection of premium wines, juices and smoothies. After eight years, The Line remains as one of Singapore's favourite destinations for buffet lunch and dinner.

The line kitchen presents an array of international cuisines from local delights to the ever popular Japanese selection, Chinese dim sum, Indian fare, flavorful Italian cuisine and a decadent parade of desserts.

Operating hours:

Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm @ $55++

Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm @ $78
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14 May 2013 16:18:35
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SCRUMPTIOUS BUFFET DEAL The line kitchen presents an array of international cuisines from local delights to the ever popular Japanese selection, Chinese dim sum, Indian fare, flavorful Italian cuisine and a decadent parade of desserts. Operating hours: Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm @ $55++ Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm @ $78
In Singapore, The Line is one of the most worthy place to have your buffet breakfast. Literally, having breakfast like a Queen! The numerous varieties of spreads are just countless. It is one of the best breakfast place I have tried in Singapore hotels.
I'm not reviewing The Line buffet (I haven't try it yet) but The Line Shop which is a cafe/bakery on the same level as The Line
Visited the line today with my family for the buffet dinner. The variety of the buffet is good which consist of  Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean and western dishes. Not forgetting the desserts, though i think that the Melts\' Cafe\'s desserts has a better spread and quality compared to the Line. Check out the Yam ice-cream, pretty nice.the oysters are freshly opened in front of you too. on normal days there\'s also crab, prawns and mussels. just these, are enough to make the price worth, especially when you\'ve got 40% off by booking online.
Most people may have heard of The Line restaurant at Shangri La Hotel. Not many may have heard of The Line Shop at the lower lobby of Shangri La Hotel that bakes fresh cakes and pastries daily. I only got to know of this place when I was specifically asked to purchase a birthday cake from here after 6pm and not to be late. The cakes and pastries are 50% off after 6pm and it get sold off very fast.When I reached the place at 630pm, all the birthday cakes were sold out. I have to settle for the few miniature cakes and pastries that were left. I have to admit they are very good and nice. No wonder my friend wanted me to go all the way to purchase it.
This is one of the top buffet in singapore in the well-known hotel (Shangri-La Hotel). It serves international seafood buffet. There are chinese, indian, italian, western, japanese style foods to choose from. I particularly love their seafood range. They have lobsters, scallops, crabs. They are very fresh and big. There are indian food such as Pratas, tandori chickens, beef, satays etc. The chicken are nice. There are waffles station. You can select different topping for your waffles (blueberry, chocolate, strawberries, chocolate chips, peanuts, maple syrup). I love their desserts too. They have lots of cakes,fruit tarts, mascarpones etc. I am a dessert lover so I tried most of their cakes. They are not too sweet. The salad bar is good. There are lots of selection. As for the pasta, you can select the type of pastas & sauce you want and the chef will cook it to your preference. Thumbs up for this buffet. The price is on the high side but worthwhile.Spending: Approximately SGD 80(Lunch)
Lunch Buffet: Adult: $47.00++, Child: $23.00++ (Mon to Fri) Adult: $50.00++, Child: $24.00++ (Sat to Sun)
Not worth the price.starter Some seafood, such as crabs, prawns, and mussels as starter. Refreshing when lemon is sprinkled on top of the mussels. Food quite good quality and fresh.chicken herbal soup Soup to warm up my stomach Normal tasting, not quite rich herbal taste. but the chicken is tender. A bit oily.satay Not nice. Dry and hard. The satay sauce is just okay, not much flavour in it.thin crust pizza Normal pizza. Though the baked cheese was fragrant.prawn mee Normal noodle that could be found in food court. Nothing special.duck leg Nice. tender and juicy with roasted flavour.Desserts Look nice but it\'s just okay.chocolate fondue Awesome. Chocolate was rich and thick. Mash mellows were ready skewed on the sticks to be dipped into the chocolate.Spending: Approximately SGD 60(Lunch)
went there for dinner there buffet choice was quite limited, most of the meat are mutton,i never see any chicken the sashimi & snow fish was fresh & nice , one person cost about $70++ i don\'t think it worth the price
If i could sum up our experience at The Line @ Shangrila, it was one of the worst hotel buffets i\'ve every encountered. 1. Apart from their oysters and clams, the other seafood was not fresh. The sashimi was a terrible let down especially since i visited the Greenhouse @ Ritz Carlton a few weeks before. 2. The desserts looked splendid. But thats as far as it gets. Most of the cakes were too sweet or full of cream but no substance. Their fondue had alot of choices for dips, but most of the biscuit dips had been left exposed too long. The chocolates on display were merely plain milk chocolates, nothing special either. 3. The laksa (see IMG 1) was watery and did not taste one bit like laksa. Something was wrong and we couldn\'t figure out what that was. 4. Their service sucked. We wanted to surprise our friend with a birthday cake (which The Line agreed to provide when we phoned for reservations). However they did not have a cake ready and i had to approach at least 3 service staff before somebody directed me to a waitress who was able to get a slice of cake for me. The waitress also ignored my requests for her to be discreet. And i had to follow her to the kitchen, be told to wait outside while she went in to get the cake. Absolutely unacceptable. The only saving grace for food was the indian food section. Mostof the indian food we sampled were if not tasty, at least they tasted decent. The duck from the chinese section wasn\'t that bad either. Overall, if not for the company, it was a very bad dining experience.
My father brought the whole family to the line at shangri la for their buffet. I was thrilled as I heard many of my friends said that the buffet is really good and the spread is awesome. I was not disappointed, the spread is indeed good. my favourite station is the raw oyster station. The raw oysters taste so good, so fresh that it tasted so sweet. eaten with the lemon juice, it was so satisfying. I really enjoy this buffet. It is a must go!
It\'s funny how I constantly reiterate that I dislike buffets but always end up going for one when a huge discount carrot is dangled in front of me. I guess its the typical kiasu Singaporean mentality that has been instilled in me. So yes, how could I possibly say no to a 39% discount offered by The Line @ Shangri-la hotel? Ambience The Line is located at the basement of Shangri la and spells simplistic chic from the moment you step in. The colour scheme is mainly zesty orange and white, emanating a sense of vigour and excitement. Variety The buffet is divided into 5 different sections - Italian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Dim Sum and Desserts, all of which offer about 4 to 5 dishes each save for the dessert section which probably had about 20 items or so (about a third of more were made of some form of kueh). There was also a couple of "live" stations where you can get your popiah, laksa, crepes, pasta etc. Overall, I wouldn\'t call the spread extensive, but it was a decent spread by many standards. Quality Here comes my biggest gripe. Quality of food ranged from below average to average, with probably only a couple of items toeing the above average mark. ie. the sashimi, 1 or 2 of the cakes (most notably The Line Cake). Even the homemade ice cream (vanilla flavour) was bad - bland, melted in a jiffy and where\'s the sugar?! Service Casual and friendly enough, just that the wait staff need to clear the plates and top up the water a little more frequently. Some of the counter staff at the "live" stations could be a little friendlier though. Value for money At $56/pax after the 39% discount ($91.81 without), it\'s still a rip off in my humble opinion, especially with the mediocre quality of food and the notable absence of more expensive items like lobsters, scallops and the likes. I am pretty sure I can get alot better food that can fill me up at that price point. Just a thought, does a 39% discount mean a 39% reduction in quality as well? See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2011/03/line.html
u be spoilt for choice at the wide variety of food served here. Pizza, sashimi, dim sum,local delights, north indian food are jus some of the many many dishes served. one of the best buffet i've ever tasted.
The Line is located at Shangri-La Hotel. It offers international buffet at these timings: 12pm to 2.30pm (lunch); 6.30pm to 10.30pm (dinner). You can can see your food being prepared through the open-style cooking stations. There are Italian, sashimi, Indian, and many more. Don't forgot the dessert counter.
Great variety of foods here which all tastes good. They also have a wide selection of dessert from cakes to ice cream which all taste so delicious. Price is rather steep but you must try this at least once in your lifetime.
White washed walls and tiles against natural fauna and flora outside, The Line is set in contemporary dining style, complete with white flooring, walls and tables. Colour is added to the part-alresco dining place via its red colour tones on the ceiling and orange-illuminated drinks bar. The lunch-buffet ($40) showcased a whole range of food from Japanese sashimi and sushi, to Indian prata, Chinese dim sum and Western pastas. Spoilt by an entire range of food served fresh and warm in aluminium platters, it takes immense effort not to devour everything off those food counters. The authentic taste of food might be a little compromised due to it being fusion styled; it seems like there was no specialty in particular cuisines, but they still appeal both visually and to the tastebuds. Of course, a large chocolate fountain with sticks of strawberries, marshmallows, biscuits and the likes are a great round-up for such a heavy meal. Indulge further in shot-glasses worth of dessers, daintily made so that one enjoys enough dessert but not enough to overwhelm. The Line provides a reasonable pricing for a decent spread for a lunch buffet, in terms of quality and quantity. Its tranquil white furnishings make it a bright and cosy place to dine in with friends and family. posted by:Viviane visit www.foodadvisor.com.sg
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