AUTHENTIC DUTCH RIJSTTAFEL (rice table) The Rice Table is a unique dining destination and is the only restaurant in Singapore to serve authentic Indonesian food. The buffet includes wide range of dishes like Soto Ayam, Sate Ayam, Ikan Goreng, Tahu Telor, Rudjak Manis, an Indonesian fruit salad and Daging Rendang, a spicy beef stew. Operating hours: Lunch: 12pm to 3pm @ $17.88 Dinner: 6pm to 9:15 @ $28.49
Indonesian restaurants are common in Singapore, but what about indonesian buffet? The rice table serves quality indonesian food in a row, food will be serve to you instead of you having to walk over. Also, below each plate lies a heater to ensure your food wouldnt turn cold at any point. The dinner menu comes with about 19 dishes, quite a spread if you ask me. But some dishes are just plain vegetables so its not exactly fantastic either. Everything was good except for the hefty price they charge. I dont think it's worth it if you're budget conscious.
Value for money Indonesian-style buffet.
Nice Indonesian Buffet especially "Tahu Telor" with peanut sauce and the satay!! will go again with my indonesian groups..
Indonosian buffet at $28.50 nett
im not a fan of indonesian food but heard from my friend that it was not bad,so went to try They have ala carte & also have buffet Usually i prefer to go in day time as is much cheaper They don\'t have much choice to choose from I like their chicken satay,it have a strong spices aroma & topped with creamy peanut sauce which i find it quite special Prawns in coconut sauce was not bad too,but the coconut was a bit too strong & cover the taste of the prawns OVerall for the price i rather go eat other international buffet which i find it more worth Overall i rate 5/10
Lunch Buffet: Price: $17.88nett
Was craving for indo food and my friend was so nice to look for an indo restaurant and give me a treat there We went to this place called The Rice table which basically has buffet spread for lunch and dinner.. This buffet is abit unique as we wont have to serve ourselves We will be served 12 different dishes by the waiter.Not to worry, it can be topped up whenever you finish a dish.They have chicken,prawn,fish,vegetables,otak otak,etc. I really loved the food and thought it was worth the money! Spending: Approximately SGD 28(Lunch)
We were there to celebrate Teacher\'s Day after work.We were looking at somewhere in town, a cozy hala restaurant so that our muslim techers can join us and buffet serve right on our table so that we don\'t need to walk too many rounds as we want to have a little chit-chat with each and everyone of them.We googled and found Rice Table in orchard.They served a buffet spread of hala-indo food on our table for us to try and if you like any dishes you may order again. Oh did I mention the juices are free flow. Spending: Approximately SGD 28(Dinner)
Reservations highly recommended as u prob wont b able to get a seat if u just walk in. I had to wait a week b4 i managed to secure my reservation. Indo-malay cuisine. The staff will bring out abt 15 dishes n place them in front of u. Enormous amt of food n everything is terrific.
Going to have Indon food roday for lunch.. They are really gd..
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