Need Content? Pick a free ebook

By: Pam Renovato

Providing free and valuable content is a great way to create
repeat traffic, gain ezine subscribers, and of course to get
visitors to your site in the first place. You can provide free
content by creating a free report or free ebook that will entice
those interested in your web site's topic. But suppose you
don't have the time to write an ebook or free report? Or
suppose you wouldn't know where to begin any way? Don't let this
alarm you.

There are a number of free ebooks out there already written for
you. Why would you distribute any of these ebooks for these
masters? How does that benefit you? Well, each and every one
the following free ebooks will allow you to customize them with
your personal contact info so that you may earn commissions
from these web masters or perhaps send traffic to your own
site. These ebooks, written by others will benefit you just
same. So If you are interested in providing ebooks to your
customers but don't have the time to create one- take your

1. Practical Dot Com Business. A FREE Step By Step Guide To
Creating Your Own Internet Business. This ebook is completely
free and comes with ebranding software to create a version with
your own URL and message for all who download from you. Take
look at this ebook form here:

2. The Ebook of Free Ezine Ads. This is a great ebook to give

It Includes a very large list of 70 free ezine ads for
all of your visitors to take advantage of. This ebook comes
with the option for you to include a 60 word ad in your version
of the ebook that you can give away. More information with in
the ebook. Download this free ebook from here:

3. Have you seen those beautiful digital ebook covers that
everyone is using to help sell their ebooks? You can create
those great looking covers and so can your visitors. Here is
outstanding tutorial that will teach you and your visitors to
create these great looking graphics. You can give them this
tutorial for free and have it customized with your company
information to boot. All for free. Check it out here: utorial/customize.htm

4. Bob Silber has created a free ebook that will teach you about
resale rights. "Making Money With Resale Rights" This ebook
extra special because it is an audio ebook. You can hear Bob's
presentation in real audio. It can also be personalized with
your affiliate information for free. More information with in
the ebook. Download this great free ebook from here: scroll to the bottom

5. When you sign up as a reseller for "Web site and Ezine
Promotion for Idiots" you will be provided with a free demo
copy of the ebook with your affiliate URL to give away. This
really a good ebook. And you will also be provided with a number
of other sales materials. All absolutely free. Sign up for this
program here:

6. At my own web site I have a 12 page report that you can have
customized with your affiliate information and make 50%
commission from sales of "The Electronic Publishing With
Teeth!" series. This is also free. Get yours here:

7. When you join Jimmy Brown's affiliate program he will
provide you with 3 free ebooks to have customized with your
affiliate info and give away. All for free. Sign up for this
program here: cresellers.html

8. Annihilating the Silent Success Killers. Offered by Nicolaas
De Wet Theron is a free ebook that will allow you to fully
customize with your affiliate links. Profit directly from
giving this ebook away for free. Take a look at this great free
ebook at:

9. Terry Dean offers three outstanding free ebooks that you can
have personalized with your affiliate links and your web links.
They are "The Best of Web Gold", "101 High Profit Businesses
You Can Start Online For Little or NO Money"Science Articles, and "How to Start
Your Own Traffic Virus". Take advantage of these at:

10. Small Business Marketing Power Tips. A collection of 14
reports that you can have customized with your own contact
information. This ebook offered at:


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