How to Write a Book and Get Published

By: Craig Lock

Title: How to Write a Book and Get Published (Updated)
Author: Craig Lock
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by Craig Lock

This short extract is from my booklet 'How to Write a Book and
Get Published' and is written for the "off-line" world of
publishing. Although it's a very brief look at this huge subject,
I hope these pointers may be helpful to aspiring* authors.

* What's the definition of an aspiring author?
A waiter!

Me write a book! A "pipedream" or possible?

Nothing is impossible, but the hardest part is getting
an acceptance from a publisher. Hope these tips may
be helpful in submitting your manuscript (hardcopy)...


Not how YOU dress, but how you "dress up" your work.

Some points to help you:

* All text should be double spaced. When I started writing I
didn't know what

"double space" meant. Come a long way, "Sonny boy"!

* one side A4 at least 25mm margin on either side

* in black ink. Use a new ribbon. Must remember that one...when
I can afford it.

* consistent styles regarding bibliographic references should be

* don't use pins or staples.

Use a rubber band or a paper clip
to avoid inflicting serious injury on the editor with a
"dangerous weapon"

* on your final page write the words 'copy ends'

* put in an approximate word count (I don't do it). Send your
manuscript together, so it arrives on the editor's desk as one.
Don't send in sections (after writing or checking). Bits and
pieces are then more likely to be mislaid (sounds disgusting!).

And it happens quite often - misplaced (better word) by
publishers, I mean. If you do your work on a word processor using
a computer disc (I do), also send the work on paper. That is the
non-technical term for "software". Not tissue paper please!


Keep a COPY of everything.

All mail should have a return address. Always send a covering
letter with your manuscript. Multiple submissions: OK, but
always remember to withdraw an offer, if publication is accepted
by another publisher. Write immediately.

I find multiple submissions save a lot in finding a publisher, as
publishers are often extremely tardy in replying to your
unsolicitated* (big word) submissions.

* that's not standing on unlit street corners at night looking
for a publisher for your manuscript!

Finally, always try to give your work a 'real professional' look,
as befits the effort put into your work of art.




A few final words...

Writing a book may seem extremely daunting ...and perhaps even
impossible to you, as I felt when I started out writing (like
flying to the moon); but if you believe you have some writing
talent just DO IT. As with eating an elephant ("hephelump"),
break it into "small chunks". The key is taking that FIRST STEP
in writing that first sentence...then one just gets involved in
your "work of art", as writing becomes a daily habit. One word
simply flows into the next...then one chapter just leads on to
the next one. PERSIST... and as the Nike ad says,

Just DO IT

Then hopefully one day I'll see your name in print.


Good luck and happy writing

Craig Lock
Eagle Productions

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genius, power and magic in it."
- Johann von Goethe

"Do what you love, then you'll never have to do a day's work in
your life."

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live more fruitful, prosperous and joy-filled lives...
to come all that they are capable of being and have fun.

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